"The loyal companions of this Sport"


2010/2011 List of Ponies

Aadelaidee Lady


Ben Ten

Born To Be Wild


Chilli Knights

Cowboy Road


Eddy's A Fake

Frankie Under Fire (Mt Gambier)

Harley Davidson

Its All About Me


Lets Tango

Little Kizz

Little Paleface

Magpie Mary

Marmalade (Mt Gambier)

Midnight Star

Minty (Mt Gambier)

Mr Mischief

Mr Murphy

Ooh La Laar

Our Sir Patchalot

Pamela (Mt Gambier)

Pee Wee 50

Petti Cheval


Pumpkin (Mt Gambier)

Razzle Dazzle

Reggie Ledgie

Run Jemma Run (Mt Gambier)

Slim Dusty (Mt Gambier)

Snoopy (Mt Gambier)

Summer Surprise

Swamp Fire

Two Tone Miss

Wandarra Tess

Way To Go

Westbury Bogart

White Lightning (Mt Gambier)

Willow (Mt Gambier)

Wynkie Sweet Fairytales

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