Kylie Shepherd {Mt Gambier}


Kylie Shepherd

Date of Birth:

25th July 1996

Family or Friend Involvement?

My whole family is involed

Are you going to drive ponies in the future?

I have recently retired from ponies, so no

Who do you help out?

Aaron Shepherd

Do you drive pony’s at home?


Do you own a pony/horse?


Favourite Racing Horse:

Pure Jasper, Black Blurr

Favourite Racing Driver:

My Dad - Richard Shepherd

Most Admired Person:

Mum and Dad

Most Thrilling Moment:

Winning Young Drivers Award 2 years in a row

What sports do you play?

Netball, Horse Riding

Favourite Drink:

Iced Chocolate

Favourite Food:

Pasta Carbonara

Favourite TV Show:

McLeod's Daughters and Home & Away

Favourite Music:

One Direction

Favourite Pastime:

Riding my horse Snickers and playing netball


Horse Riding/ Horse Driving


Falling off


Train Frankie Under Fire to win a few races