FAREWELL TO OUR SIR PATCHALOT by Artty, Clint, Allan, Lexie and Lucey Fuller


On April 2008 a beautiful black and white pinto gelding aged at 21 years young came into our lives.  Alexia was 19 months old at the time but immediately there became a bond between the two.  As the years grew so did the love and bond between them (and may I say he was also stable buddies with our CJ (Captainrama) they where inseparable they where always talking to each other and Patch hated being put in the back paddock if CJ wasn't with him).  Alexia learnt all her firsts with her boy Patch, from riding in saddle all by her self to showing at shows and even driving in harness.

In his showing life he was registered with the SA Pinto Association we was very proud when he one champion in his class, and many of his fancy dress classes, his costume which I'm sure he hated was a pink ballerina costume... (lol sorry patch) but he won which is the main thing.

In 2009 he was registered in the SA pony trots as OUR SIR PATCHALOT with the beautiful driver Jodie Billinger at his side driving (and sometime skipping) to the finish line.  Patch had 7 starts 2 wins 2 seconds and 2 thirds when half way through the season we decided to retire him as he was telling us he wanted to be ridden not driven, so off they went Lexie drove and rode and you could see he was a lot happier automatically. 4 months ago he went for a spell for 3 months as we thought a holiday was well deserved.  He came home on 1 September and through the next 2 weeks we noticed he wasn't himself.  On Sunday morning 11 September 2011 at 8.00 am our beautiful boy passed.

Our hearts felt like they have been ripped out as he had become a member of the family.  Alexia decided she needed to write a letter and attach it to a balloon so he could get it, so we all gathered around as she screamed out PATCH...OUR SIR PATCHALOT.. I LOVE YOU.  We all watched it as it disappeared into the sky, every night she goes outside and to where the balloon disappeared into the sky, a beautiful star twinkling ever so bright which she has named her PATCHY'S STAR so he will for ever be watching over us.  Thank you for loving us the way we loved you.......

Patch and Lexie
Patch and Lexie
Our Sir Patchalot and Jodie Billinger