If 38 degrees is forecasted on the Adelaide radio for a Saturday during the season the pony racing for that Saturday night will be cancelled.


All pony races are held after the first harness race unless an early start (eg 5.50 pm) and then the first pony race would start at 6.20 pm.
  • All ponies are to be tied up in stalls provided
  • Please ensure ponies are safely and securely tied in stalls when left unsupervised in stalls
  • Please do not leave ponies unattended in stall area with carts on
  • All ponies are to be either walked or slowly trotted around the parade ring, as to not endanger other ponies and drivers
  • Ponies are to be led to and from the race track gate with a lead and responsible handler.  No pony will be allowed to leave pony parade ring area without a lead
  • All ponies need to leave pony area on time to race.  Unfortunately, Globe Derby only allows us minimum time to race, we can not keep them waiting
  • All drivers must ensure they have sufficient room, at least a cart and a half, to go between two ponies in a race
  • All race bikes to be fitted with a dust sheet
  • Drivers are asked to refrain from yelling/screaming during a race and only use their voice to encourage their pony
  • Wearing of Helmets (SA Chairman of Stewards - Stephen Mulcay).  Any person whilst driving a horse or pony on a registered racecourse must wear an approved helmet.  This includes racetrack surrounds and parade yard.

South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association Rules
Pony Racing South Australia



a) Ponies of ANY BREED, excluding stallion's measuring 13 hands or under, may compete in the Open section.  NO STANDARDBRED'S.
b) Ponies of the Shetland Type, excluding Stallion's measuring 10.2 hand's or under, may compete in the Shetland section, and providing there is a vacancy in the Shetland field.


a) Girls and Boys no younger than 6 year's and not older than 15 year's may drive provided they demonstrate the ability to control their pony.
b) Drivers turning 16 year's of age during a season, may complete that season.


2.1 a) The automatic front to be determined by the Controlling Body (handicapping committee).


a) 50 Metres off scratch mark, every win a 10 metre penalty is applied.  After three unplaced races a 10 metre lift will be given.


a) Race distances are determined by the Controlling Body.

Addition to Rules

1. For safety reasons no more than 10 (ten) ponies in a race.  Extra ponies in fields will only be allowed for "Special Nights" (eg Gawler Cup, Kapunda Cup) other than Saturday Nights.  Amendment to Rules.

2. Office Bearers to hold their positions for a period of 2 (two) years.  Amendment to Rules.


a) All drivers must wear suitable protective head gear, leather shoes or boots, white pants and racing colours.
b) Before a new pony is eligible to race for points it must trial first, then have two Saturday nights to determine its class.  This will be decided at the discretion of the handicapping committee.
c) Sulkies are to be inspected and approved suitable for racing by the controlling body. 20" wheels.  All wheels to be fitted with plastic wheel discs.
d) Ponies must trot.  Ponies which gain ground whilst out of gait, will be penalised by the Steward's.
e) Any pony which continually gallops, or is not restrained by the driver whilst out of gait, will also be penalised by the Steward's.
g) All children and adults to wear hard hats, and ponys to wear bridles when driving ponies on race nights.
h) BAD LANGUAGE:  Any Driver found guilty of using either bad or abusive language towards other drivers will receive a SUSPENSION.
i) CHEATING:  Any Driver found guilty of Cheating will receive a SUSPENSION, the period to be determined by the Controlling Body.
j) INTERFERENCE/CARELESS DRIVING:  Any Drivers found guilty of CARELESS DRIVING OR CAUSING INTERFERENCE will receive a SUSPENSION.  The period to be determined by the Controlling Body.
k) PROTESTS:  Can only be lodged by the Steward's.
1. All ponies to be led by approved handler from pony parade ring to track entry point.  Handlers to lead ponies post race from track exit point to return to the pony parade ring area.
2. One (1) only committee appointed handler per handicap mark.

a) Nomination's are required to be completed on standard nomination forms.
b) All Drivers must be financial prior to trialling.
c) A courtesy phone call to advise scratching of ponies to be done as soon as possible.


a) First three placing's requested to return to scale.
b) Drivers are requested to return in placed order, ie 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


a) Person's engaged in Pony Race's are reminded that they are competing at/attending a licenced "HARNESS RACING" meeting, and are under the jurisdiction of HARNESS RACING SA and that the BOARD would view any misconduct in a most serious light.
b) No alcohol permitted near stall's, and around young drivers whilst racing.
c) Expelling; Please Note:  PARENTAL INTERVENTION, and or parental abuse, could lead to suspension of the pony for one month, at the discretion of the Committee.  Depending on severity of circumstances, a Pony and/or Parents may be expelled.