Welcome to the South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association

We offer pony racing to children from 6 years up until the age of 16 years.  SAHRPA race at all tracks around South Australia, including Globe Derby Park, Gawler, Port Pirie, Mount Gambier, Kapunda and Victor Harbor.  The pony season starts in October and runs through to April each year.

SAHRPA has been running since 1985 and in those years, we have seen many of
our pony drivers graduate and continue in our industry of Harness Racing, as
Harness Racing Drives or Trainers.
In the list below we have an Interdominion winner, multiple leading State Drivers and
record holders.


Graduates include:

Greg Sugars - Driver over 3800 wins; including 1 USA driving win

David Harding - Trainer/driver over 2300 driving wins

Ryan Hryhorec - Trainer/driver over 2300 driving wins

Dani Hill - Trainer/driver over 2200 driving wins

Wayne Hill - Driver over 1900 driving wins 

Aaron Bain - Trainer/driver over 290 training wins

Jackie Barker - Driver over 400 wins and HERO re-trainer

Mark Billinger - Trainer/driver over 1200 driving wins

Jayden Brewin - Driver over 260 wins

Kaycee Carey - 1st season trainer over 12 training wins

Jacinta Gilbert – HRSA Swab attendant + University Studies

Matthew Harding - Trainer/driver over 500 driving wins

Josh Holberton - Driver over 130 wins

Kaela Hryhorec - Trainer/driver over 130 driving wins

Corey Johnson - Driver over 200 wins

Emma Johnson – HRSA Race Day Starter

Andrew Lobb – Veterinarian with Animal Welfare League

Brett Lowe - Trainer/driver over 12 training wins

Matt Maguire - Trainer/driver over 110 training wins

Samantha Pascoe - Trainer/driver over 240 driving wins

Ken Rogers - Driver over 600 wins

Chantelle Rendall – Silver Shadows rehoming founder

Michael Smith - Driver over 270 wins

Kylie Sugars - Trainer/driver over 180 wins

Brodie Webster - Driver over 60 wins + owner Prestige Equine Vet

Jake Webster - Driver over 250 wins

Katie Wilson - Trainer/driver over 30 driving wins


And more recently, some of our current Young Drivers:

Josh Bailey - Current C Grade Driver competing in trials

Nick Brown - Driver 20 driving wins

Jason Kittel - Driver over 30 driving wins

Sharni Newman - HRSA Swab Attendant + University Studies + 1st season driver

Declan Whelan - 1st Season driver over 5 wins

Pony Racing is wonderful way to learn about driving, training, care and welfare
of our ponies.