The following is an alphabetical listing of Drivers who have come through the South Australian Pony Trots.  I am sure this list is not complete so if you know of anybody I have missed please let me know at


Alcorn, Holly ???????

Alcorn, Luke

Bain, Aaron

Billinger, Mark

Brown, Kerry

Buckley, Gary

Carey, Jason

Carey, Damien

Crawford, John

Earl, Tyson

Frearson, Ricky

Fuller, Clinton

Giorgio, Lauren (daughter of Bronte Giorgio)

Gilbert, Andrew

Gilbert, Julie (nee Preston)

Giradi, Dean

Harding, David

Harding, Matthew

Hardy, Nicolle

Hill, Danielle

Hill, Wayne

Holberton, Ben

Hoberton, Josh (son of Lance Holberton)

Hryhorec, Ryan

Jacques, Jim ???or only commentary

Jacques, Matthew

Justice, Amanda (daughter of Lance Justice)

Justice, Robert (son of Lance Justice)

Kittel, Symon

Laird, Michael

Lobb, Andrew

Lobb, Katie

Maguire, Matthew

Matthews, Stacey

Moroney, Candice

Mumford, Todd ??????

Norman, Kristen (daughter of Michael Norman)

Norman, Ryan (son of Michael Norman)

O’Neil, Luke

Pascoe, Scott

Preston, Barry

Pye, Daniel

Scaffidi, Bradley

Seal, Jeremy

Seal, Joshua

Seal, Melanie

Sheehy, Timothy

Smith, Michael

Sugars, Greg

Sugars, Kylie

Thuen, David

Webster, Courtney (daughter of Geoffrey Webster)

Webster, Jake (son of Ron Webster)

Wise, Courtney