Name:  Tylarna Eitzen

Date of Birth:  20th June 1994

Family or Friend Involvement?  Di and Graeme Eitzen

Are you going to drive ponies in the future?  No

Who do you help out?  My dad

Do you drive pony’s at home?  Yes Whiskey

Do you own a pony/horse?  Yes, Whisky, Shanti and Saintly One

Favourite Racing Horse:  Saintly One

Favourite Racing Driver:  David Harding

Most Admired Person:  My pop, E.J. Slade

Most Thrilling Moment:  Saintly One’s first win with dad as a trainer

What sports do you play?  Netball, Soccer, all sports

Favourite Drink:  Fanta

Favourite Food:  Lasagna

Favourite TV Show:  Sponge Bob Square Pants

Favourite Music:  Rock and R&B

Favourite Pastime:  Internet Chat and Youtube

Likes:  Having fun

Dislikes:  Cleaning my room