Run Around / Trial

25 October 2009


1 - Mr Murphy - Austin Smith (2nd)

2 - Reggie Ledgie - Cameron Jacques

3 - Lapfonacaton - Nicholas Brown

4 - Swamp Fire - Peta Brown (Parent)

5 - Aadelaidee Lady - Madison Smith

6 - Wynkie Sweet Fairytales - Jane Clydesdale (Parent) (3rd)

9 - Little Paleface - Emma Johnson (1st)


Today was for new ponies and drivers to qualify for race nights and a couple of ponies were there for educational purposes and driven by a parent.  After going around for a couple of laps to get accustomed to the track and the signs it was decided to have a trial from the 600m mark.

A good size field lined up for the first trial in the lead-up to a new racing season.

Aadelaidee Lady was only out there to follow the others around for practice, and began slowly but safely off the backmark.

Swamp Fire led from Lapfonacaton and Reggie Ledgie early.  Mr Murphy galloped shortly after the start, but got back into a trot quickly.

Lapfonacaton joined Swamp Fire in the lead and shortly after Mr Murphy moved up three wide.

Turning into the straight it was Swamp Fire, Lapfonacaton, Mr Murphy and Little Paleface making a line of four, with Wynkie Sweet Fairytales and Reggie Ledgie just behind.

Just as Lapfonacaton moved ahead of Swamp Fire, Mr Murphy and Little Paleface swept past.

Little Paleface took the lead in the closing stages to defeat Mr Murphy with Wynkie Sweet Fairytales finishing the trial off nicely for third.

It was a great trial for the educational purposes of ponies and for new drivers.