Name:  Scott Forby

Date of Birth:  20 February 1970

Family or Friend Involvement?  Family

Are you going to drive ponies in the future?  I wish

Who do you help out?  I work the pony

Do you drive pony’s at home?  Yes

Do you own a pony/horse?  Yes

Favourite Racing Horse:  Tranquil Storm and Merlot

Favourite Racing Driver:  Geoff Webster and Lance Justice

Most Admired Person: 

Most Thrilling Moment:  Winning first race

What sports do you play?  None now

Favourite Drink:  Scotch

Favourite Food:  Any

Favourite TV Show:  Anything thats on

Favourite Music:  All types

Favourite Pastime:  Sleeping

Likes:  Everything

Dislikes:  Nothing