Globe Derby Park - 28 March 2009

Thanks to Courtney Wise for Donating Prizes


Winner for Younger Boys Section - Chickabarquar as a Leprechaun

Winner for Older Boys Section - Cheeky Charlie as Racing Stripes and Jacob Starick


Winner for Younger Girls Section - Oungachucka & Wynkie Sweet Fairytales as Fairies and Chantelle Rendall

Winner for Older Girls Section - Monkey Business as Australia (Green & Gold) and Chantelle Dodd


Aussie - Ossie Ossie Ossie

Chickabarquar - Leprechaun - Prize Winner 

Cheeky Charlie - Racing Stripes - Prize Winner

Jacob (Cheeky Charlie) Winner Older Boys

Little Kizz

Lord Monty 

Magpie Mary 

Midnight Star 

Monkey Business - Prize Winner

Chantelle Dodd (Monkey Business) Winner Older Girls 

Mr Murphy - Centrals

My Little Pony

Oungachucka - Fairy - Prize Winner

Way To Go - Party

Westbury Bogart 


Wynkie Sweet Fairytales - Fairy - Prize Winner

Chantelle Rendall (Oungachucka & Wynkie Sweet Fairytales) Winner Younger Girls