This Award was introduced in 2002 by the Committee of SAHRPA.  It is a perpetual award with the winner of each racing season having their name engraved on the lovely shield.  A different member of the public is chosen each week to select three drivers for the entire program and award a 3/2/1 point system and then place into a sealed envelope to be opened on Presentation Day, similar to the Brownlow Medal.  The drivers chosen, not necessarily need to win or be placed but to show good horsemanship.

Adam Prosser drove Jessalite, Toy Boy and Bessy in pony races and was the grandson of Dot and Leo Catterall.  After his death Sue Gordon kindly made an award available namely Adam Prosser Golden Hands Award in his memory.  This award was put forward as an incentive to get children to drive the ponies correctly.

Previous Winners

2001/2002 - Andrew Lobb
2002/2003 - Caitlin Forrest
2003/2204 - Andrew Lobb
2004/2005 - Ryan Wenham
2005/2006 - Samantha Pascoe
2006/2007 - Ryan Wenham
2007/2008 - No Award due to E.I.
2008/2009 - Brodie Webster
2009/2010 - Madison Smith and Brodie Webster
2010/2011 - Jacinta Gilbert
2011/2012 - Bailey Hoare