Emma Greenfield {Mt Gambier}



Emma Greenfield

Date of Birth:

5th December 1997


Darryle, Naomi and Hayley

Are your parents involved in Harness Racing?

Yes, owners and breeders

What are your racing colours?

Pink with Navy Blue Hoops

How long have you been driving ponies?

Since I was 8

What is your pony(s) name(s)?

Pumpkin and Minty

Do you work your pony most days?

I try to when I have time

First Pony:


First Pony Winner:

Pumpkin on my first drive

Favourite Racing Horse:

On The Drip

Favourite Racing Driver:

Don't have a favorite

Most Admired Person:

Not sure

Most Thrilling Moment:

My first win

What sports do you play?

Netball and Tennis

Favourite Drink:

Lemonade and Banana smoothies

Favourite Food:

Dim Sims, Strawberries and Chocolate!

Favourite TV Show:

Pretty Little Liars and Merlin

Favourite Music:

Florence - The Machine

Favourite Pastime:

Being with friends


Singing, cats and riding/driving Pumpkin


Spiders and Snakes!


To be a orthodontist