Hayley Greenfield

Date of Birth:

3 August 1994

Family or Friend Involvement?

My sister drives

Are you going to drive ponies in the future?

I used to drive but I’m too old now

Who do you help out?

Emma Greenfield and Pumpkin!!

Do you drive pony’s at home?

Yes, Pumpkin and Minty

Do you own a pony/horse?

Yes, we have 3 ponies and 4 horses

Favourite Racing Horse:

On the Drip

Favourite Racing Driver:

Don’t really have one but I like to see the girls win

Most Admired Person:

I don’t know. I admire lots of people for different reasons

Most Thrilling Moment:

My first race on Pumpkin – we came 3rd

What sports do you play?

Netball, Tennis and Horse riding/driving

Favourite Drink:

Apple and Guava Juice

Favourite Food:

Can’t beat lasagne or mums spaghetti bake!

Favourite TV Show:

Gossip Girl and Glee

Favourite Music:

Mostly Mainstream music

Favourite Pastime:

Being with friends and listening to music and going for runs


Going to the beach with the ponies on hot days


Big school assignments!!


To become a vet, dietician or dentist