Acacia Hryhorec

Date of Birth:

26 August 2007

Family or Friend Involvement?

Family – both sides Hryhorec and Alcorn

Are you going to drive ponies in the future?


Who do you help out?

Mum and Dad

Do you drive pony’s at home?

Yes, Eddy and Saffy (help train them)

Do you own a pony/horse?

Yes 3 ponies Eddy’s A Fake, Old Saffy and show pony Livington Skipp

Favourite Racing Horse:

Zardawe (Zac) because he is a grey

Favourite Racing Driver:

Dad (Ryan Hryhorec) and Uncle Lukey (Alcorn)

Most Admired Person:

Dad and Jodie Billinger

Most Thrilling Moment:

Winning (Jodie winning) medals on Eddy

What sports do you play?

Pony Club – Western Districts

Favourite Drink:


Favourite Food:

Chippys + Nuggys +  chocolate biscuits

Favourite TV Show:

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Favourite Music:


Favourite Pastime:

Playing on trampoline, riding bikes


Playing with Denver and Ice Creams


Being told what to do!


To be happy and have lots of fun