Name:  Corey Johnson

Date of Birth:  12 October 2002

Family:  Mum, Dad and Sister Emma

Are your parents involved in Harness Racing?  Yes

What are your racing colours?  Blue, Red and white hoops, blue sleeves

How long have you been driving ponies?  I started when I was 6

What is your ponies names:  (Jake [Little paleface]- Murphy [Mr Murphy] -Tango [Lets Tango] – Pipsqueak [Chicabarquar]- and Miley

Do you work your pony most days?  Yes when the pony season is on we work them most days

First Pony:  Murphy

First Pony Winner:  Chicabarquar

Favourite Racing Horse:  Lady Bellanique, Excella Lord and Takeover Target

Favourite Racing Driver:  Leah Harvey & Danielle Hill

Most Admired Person:  Mum & Dad

Most Thrilling Moment:  Pony trot dress up day when I dressed up as a Leprechaun

What sports do you play:  Milo Cricket & Football

Favourite Drink:  Coke / V8juice

Favourite Food:  Ice cream / Chicken nuggets 

Favourite TV Show:  Sweet Life of Zac & Cody / Hannah Montana

Favourite Music:  Rolf Harris [My Boomerang won’t come back]

Favourite Pastime:  Playing with my toy cars and riding my quad bike

Likes:  Cars

Dislikes:  Kids being mean

Ambition:  Mechanic or a Policeman

Funniest thing I have seen outside of harness racing is a 2 headed fox (in Spring).

Entered 27 December 2009