Name:  Joshua Micallef

Date of Birth:  1 August 2002

Are your parents involved in Harness Racing?  Yes Dad, Michael Micallef

What are your racing colours?  Orange with Black J

How long have you been driving ponies?   6 months

What is your pony(s) name(s)?  Pamela

Do you work your pony most days?  Only a couple of days a week

First Pony:  Pamela

First Pony Winner:  Just starting to race

Favourite Racing Horse:  Longtan Luke

Favourite Racing Driver:  My dad, Michael Micallef

Most Admired Person:  My Pa (Dennis McKinnon)

Most Thrilling Moment:  driving pa's ute in paddock

What sports do you play?  T-Ball

Favourite Drink:  Fanta

Favourite Food:  Ravioli

Favourite TV Show:  Funniest Home Video

Favourite Music:  AC/DC

Favourite Pastime:  Sleeping

Likes:  Riding in trains

Dislikes:  Moody ponies

Ambition:  Train Driver

Entered 25 November 2009