Name:  Sharni Newman 

Date of Birth:  23 January 2002

Family:  Mum (Sharon) and Dad (Garth)

Are you parents involved in Harness Racing?  Yes

What are your racing colours?  Green, Gold Diamonds and Sleeves, Green Armband

How long have you been driving ponies?  1 year

What is the name of your pony?  Midnight Star

Do you work your pony on most days?  Yes, 3-4 days per week

First Pony:  Peanuts

First Pony Winner:  Midnight Star

Favourite Racing Horse:  Neverland Express

Favourite Racing Driver:  Danni Hill

Most Admired Person:  Mum

Most Thrilling Moment:  Winning at Victor Harbor

What sports do you play?  Basketball

Favourite Drink:  Creaming Soda

Favourite Food:  Lollies

Favourite TV Show:  Cartoon Network

Favourite Music:  Rock

Favourite Pastime:  Playing Keyboards

Likes:  Cats, Dogs and Horses

Dislikes:  Snakes, Lizards and Spiders

Ambition:  Vet Nurse and Weather Scientist