Newsletter - Saturday 20 November 2010

Thank you to all the members, drivers and drivers of the future who participated in the Salisbury Christmas Parade this morning.  The horse and cart was supplied by Salisbury Council but had to be re-fibreglassed and painted.  Julie Gilbert’s vehicle was all polished up and the float was decorated with tinsel.  Then there was the banner that in the last week Karen Carey was able to secure with Artsign kindly donating to SAHRPA.   Thank you to all the children who were so well behaved, hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

Karen Carey has also been on a mission to find a freezer for the children so we can have ice-creams again this season.  After trying Amanda Blair on 5AA to no avail and many other whitegoods stores, Gawler River Cattle Co came on board by donating $200 towards a freezer.

The 2010 Australian International Three Day Event (AI3DE) was held in the parklands on 12-14 November where Julie and Jacinta Gilbert set up a stall promoting SAHRPA with photos and DVDs.  Thank you to Hopkins Saddlery for loaning us their horse and pony.

A friendly reminder to all Participants of the Rules & Regulations:

- Smoking and drinking alcohol is not permitted in the pony area

- All drivers, children and adults are required to wear a helmet whilst driving a pony.  Helmets are compulsory this is a condition of Harness Racing SA that SAHRPA must ABIDE by. 

Confirming (Newsletter February 2010).  When ponies are on their marks and ready to go, the handler is to raise their hand to advise the starter they are ready.  This will help the starter and make a fairer start.

Originally it was the intention of the Committee to set in place timing of the ponies to allocate handicapping positions this season but as the Association is short on volunteers this has not happened.  To also prevent a conflict of interest situation the Committee agreed to appoint two committee members who had no children or ponies racing, the position of handicapper with the President overseeing their decisions.  Please respect the decisions that have been made.

Due to personal reasons Kylie Jacques has resigned from the Committee, if any members would like to apply for the position please complete the form attached and send to The Secretary.  Applications need to be received before our next committee meeting on Sunday 28 November.

To set a good image to children and visitors who venture down to the ponies on race nights it would be appreciated if you have any problems to refrain from making a scene and put your concerns in writing to The Secretary or email  However, if it is a safety issue then please approach one of the Committee.

Pony racing for the children is a lot of fun while they are gaining valuable life experience, as members we all need to work together.  We are always open to hear participant’s ideas or suggestions, once again please apply in writing so they can be addressed.


I,  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, would like to apply for the position of Committee Member on the South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association.




Please return to The Secretary, Julie Gilbert, 19 Trotters Drive, Globe Derby Park SA 5110