2010/2011 Season - 100% Driver Attendance and Pony of the Year

100% Driver Attendance

Double attendance points for drivers are awarded for the first two weeks of racing only.  This is to encourage drivers and their ponies to attend so ponies can be handicapped correctly.  After the first two meetings every time a pony wins it will be re-handicapped 10 metres or after three consecutive unplaced runs it will come forward 10 metres.

To receive the 100% attendance for a driver at the end of year presentation, a driver must attend all Globe Derby race meetings that have the mandatory 4 class races.  However, as an incentive to get drivers and their ponies to attend the first two race meetings where double attendance points are allocated then those drivers will have extra points to use during the season if unable to attend a meeting.

Pony of the Year

The following Point System will be used to calculate Pony of the Year at Globe Derby Park.  There are exceptions when the point system will not be used, these are:

·        Summer Carnival when generally only two pony races will be held a night

·        Fun days

1st       -           20 Points

2nd      -           15 Points

3rd      -           12 Points

4th       -           10 Points

5th       -           8 Points

6th       -           6 Points

7th       -           5 Points

8th       -           4 Points

9th       -           3 Points

10th    -           2 Points

11th    -           1 Point