"The loyal companions of this Sport"

2012/2013 List of Ponies


Aadelaidee Lady


Ben Ten

Blaze {Mt Gambier}

Born To Be Wild

Bull At A Gate {1st Season Pony}

Chocolate Thunder



Frankie Under Fire {Mt Gambier}

I'm Thetinyquinn {1st Season Pony}

Jackim {Mt Gambier, 1st Season Pony}


Jimmy Cricket


Just Call Me Barry {1st Season Pony}


Loosen Up Lewie

Marmalade {Mt Gambier}

Midnight Star

Minty {Mt Gambier}

Mr Bo Jangles

Moonlight Web Weaver {1st Season Pony}

Party Rock {1st Season Pony}

Prison Break 

Pumpkin {Mt Gambier}

Razzle Dazzle

Rock Around The Clock {1st Season Pony}

Rock Star 

Run Jemma Run {Mt Gambier}

Slim Dusty {Mt Gambier}

Smokey {Mt Gambier, 1st Season Pony}

Spike It Up

Summer Surprise

Swamp Fire

Takes Two To Tango {1st Season Pony}


Toy Story {1st Season Pony}

Wandarra Tess

Way To Go

We're Back

White Lightning

Willow {Mt Gambier}

Wynkie Sweet Fairytales

Zena {Mt Gambier}

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