5 April 2009


The South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association 2008/2009 Presentation Day was today, 5 April 2009.  There was a very good attendance and all drivers looked very smart in their racing colours.  It was also nice to see the new HRSA General Manager, David Aldred attend and present the Ashtek Engineering Award for the Retiring Driver who this year was awarded to Brett Lowe.



The prizes  for the Pony of the Year were as follows:

1st Placing - $100, Inscribed Rug and Trophy

2nd Placing - $50, Halter, Lead and Trophy

3rd Placing - $30, Embroided Towel and Trophy

Unplaced - $20 and Trophy


Pony of the Year - Shetland Class


1st – Wandarra Tess (287 Points)

2nd – Till We Meet Again (248 Points)

3rd – My Little Pony (205 Points)


Matthew Basto and Jacob Starick receiving the Pony of the Year Award for Wandarra Tess

Pony of the Year – Slow Class


1st – Born To Be Wild (235 Points)

2nd – Mr Murphy (215 Points)

3rd – Westbury Bogart (211 Points)



Pony of the Year – Medium Slow Class

1st – Chilli Knights (269 Points)

2nd – Mr Mischief (267 Points)

3rd – Way To Go (241 Points)


Brodie Webster sprinting away with Chilli Knights Pony of the Year Award

Pony of the Year – Medium Class


1st – Cheeky Charlie (287 Points)

2nd – Little Paleface (250 Points)

3rd – Aussie (217 Points)



Jacob Starick receiving the Pony of the Year Award for Cheeky Charlie 

Wenham Family Award – Jim Jacques

GDP 100% Attendance – Wandarra Tess, Mr Mischief and Cheeky Charlie

100% Overall Attendance – Wandarra Tess

SAHRPA Encouragement Awards – Madison Smith and Chantelle Rendall

Viv Heath Encouragement Awards – Bryce Gilbert and Kaycee Carey

Most Improved 1st Year Driver – Sharni Newman

Danni Hill 1st Year Driver Encouragement Award – Jessica Pascoe

Black Eyed Susan Award, Donated by Ron and Jan Cox – Chantelle Rendall

Hopkins Saddlery Most Improved Pony – Spirit

Hopkins Saddlery Most Improved Junior Driver – Jennifer Lehmann

Hopkins Saddlery Most Improved Senior Driver – Brodie Webster

Hopkins Saddlery Most Improved Combination – Jacinta Gilbert and Westbury Bogart

Sandra Hutchinson Best Presented Award – Emma Johnson

SAHRPA Family Recognition Award – Richter Family

Driver Recognition Awards – Jodie Billinger and Jacob Starick

Helper Awards - Race Caller and Stories – Braden Jarman

Helper Awards - Photos and Stories – John Crawford

Helper Awards - Starter – Tom Starick

Retiring Drivers – Brett Lowe and Jacob Starick 




Golden Hands Awards, Sponsored by Sue Gordon – Brodie Webster


This ‘Golden Hands Award’ is allocated to three drivers each night on a points system, 3 Points, 2 Points, 1 Point and then put in a sealed envelope to be opened on Presentation Day, they don’t necessary have to win just show they have driven well.  Angela or Don choose a different person each night so that there is no biased.



As there are 8 Life Members of the South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association it was decided to donate a Life Membership Shield to be displayed at Globe Derby.  The Life Members are: 

Wendy Seal – 1997

Pauline Sheehy – 1997

Helen Pye – 1998

Jan Cox – 1999

Mary Harding – 2000

Jeff Procter – 2001

Jim Jacques – 2001

Lee-Ann Lobb – 2004 



Jim Jacques, Jan Cox and Jeff Procter with the Life Membership Shield 

Ashtek Engineering Award – Brett Lowe


Brett is currently undertaking Certificate 3 in Racing Advanced Stablehand with Joe Scaffidi.  Brett is aspiring to be a trainer and driver as were his dad (Allan Lowe) and uncle (Sydney Lowe).



Brett Lowe receiving the Ashtek Engineering Award 


Once again we would like to thank all Sponsors for their kind generosity to the South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association, your sponsorship has contributed to the young drivers today receiving special trophy's and prizes.