16 April 2010

The South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association presentation was today.  The Jubilee Room at Globe Derby was decked out in a party theme with helium balloons, some music and door prizes for all children under 16 years.  There was a variety of food organised by SA Harness Racing Club and the awards ceremony where our young drivers were recognised for a great season.  Throughout the day there were 13 door prizes drawn which included all items do to with horses, including saddle club and other horse books, a grooming kit, horse shampoo, thongs, chocolate and stickers.



Group Photo



SAHRPA End of Season Raffle Winners:  1st - David Hopkins; 2nd - Cheyenne Moritz; 3rd - Webster Family; 4th - Jacinta Gilbert; 5th - Christine Bishop; 6th - Steve Branson; 7th - Chantelle Rendall; 8th - Joan Macdonald; 9th - Jennifer Lehmann.




Each of the 22 drivers received a Framed Photo of their pony racing and a McDonalds Sports Award Voucher for a free Seared Chicken Mini Snack Wrap and Small Fruit Fizz or CalciYUM or Cheeseburger and Small Soft Drink.



The prizes for Pony of the Year were as follows:

1st - $100, Trophy, Inscribed Rug in racing colours

2nd - $50, Trophy, Inscribed Rug with red trim

3rd - $30, Trophy, Halter and Ropes in racing colours with name badge on halter

4th - $20, Trophy, Dust Sheet

Unplaced - $20, Trophy, Scraper or Fly Veil


Pony of the Year - Slow Class

1st - Aadelaidee Lady (184 Points)

2nd - Born To Be Wild (162 Points)

3rd - Reggie Ledgie (153 Points)

4th - Magpie Mary (148 Points)

Pony of the Year - Slow-Medium Class

Tie for 1st - Mr Mischief and Way To Go (163 Points)

3rd - Mr Murphy (148 Points)

4th - Little Kizz (142 Points)

Pony of the Year - Shetland

1st - Wandarra Tess (157 Points)

2nd - PJ (154 Points)

3rd - My Little Pony (139 Points)

4th Crackerjack (129 Points)

Pony of the Year - Medium Class

1st - Little Paleface (188 Points)

2nd - Lapanacaton (155 Points)

3rd - Petti Cheval (150 Points)

4th - Chilli Knights (145 Points)

Matthew Basto collecting Wandarra Tess Pony of the Year Award


Madison Smith after receiving Aadelaidee Lady Pony of the Year Award


Kathryn Lehmann and Matthew Williams receiving their Pony of the Year Awards


Emma Johnson after collecting Little Paleface Pony of the Year Award


100% GDP Pony Attendance - Aadelaidee Lady, Chilli Knights, Lapanacaton, Little Paleface, Mr Murphy, Reggie Ledgie, Swamp Fire, Wandarra Tess

100% Overall Pony Attendance - Wandarra Tess

100% GDP Driver Attendance - Jodie Billinger, Nicholas Brown, Cameron Jacques, Corey Johnson, Emma Johnson, Sharni Newman, Brodie Webster

Danielle Hill 1st Year Encouragement Award - Lauren Basto

Viv Heath Encouragement Award - Cameron Jacques and Corey Johnson

Greg Cooper Service Award - Jacinta Gilbert and Chantelle Rendall

Black Eyed Susan Memorial 1st Season Driver - Jason Kittel

Sandra Hutchinson Best Presented – Madison Smith

Wenham Family Award  - Jodie Billinger

Most Consistent Combination without winning - Midnight Star & Sharni Newman and Lapanacaton & Nicholas Brown

Hopkins, Most Improved Pony - Aadelaidee Lady

Hopkins, Most Improved Junior Driver - Nicholas Brown

Hopkins, Most Improved Senior Driver - Madison Smith 

Life Member - Angela Wise           

Recognition Awards:

     Starters – Madeline Klose and Emma & Lane Johnson

     Steward – Rex Shelbourn

     Race Callers – Rod Basto, Don Wenham and Rehn Nagel

     Photographers and Helpers – Lauren Basto, Matthew Basto, Jodie Billinger, Steve Branson, Rachel Maguire and Chantelle Rendall



Golden Hands Award, Sponsored by Sue Gordon - Madison Smith and Brodie Webster

The 'Golden Hands Award' is allocated to three drivers at each Globe Derby Saturday night meeting where we had our standard 4 races.  A point system was used 3 points, 2 points and 1 point and then placed in a sealed envelope to be opened on Presentation Day.  The drivers don't necessary have to win just show they have good horsemanship or driven well.  A different person was chosen each week who had no connection to our drivers on the night.

Brodie Webster was in the lead after opening the first 9 envelopes (envelopes were opened in no particular date order).  Brodie's nearest rivals were both Cameron Jacques and Matthew Williams.  However, in the last 5 envelopes to be opened Madison Smith was on a roll and tied with Brodie for the win.



Madison Smith and Brodie Webster receiving Adam Prosser Memorial Golden Hands Award


Ashtek Engineering Award - Brodie Webster

The Ashtek Engineering Award is given to a retiring driver who shows talent on the track and wishes to take the next step and obtain a drivers licence.  Brodie Webster received $200 to obtain a helmet, white pants, whip etc, a trophy and a perpetual trophy.

Brodie Webster with his Ashtek Engineering Award


Chantelle Dodd

Chantelle Dodd’s pony is Monkey Business who won 8 races throughout the season and at one stage won 4 races in a row.  Chantelle helps her father out at home by working his horses when required.

Brodie Webster

Brodie Webster drove 3 ponies throughout the season Chilli Knights, Till We Meet Again and Wynkie Sweet Fairytales.   In January we were all saddened when Brodie lost a special friend in Till We Meet Again alias Timmy Allsorts.  Then Brodie took over the training of Wynkie Sweet Fairytales for Chantelle Rendall while she was in Perth.   Brodie won at his last race drive on Wynkie Sweet Fairytales, a memorable way to retire.

Brodie is often seen helping Bronte Giorgio and on school holidays heads to Victoria to learn from Geoff Webster.   Later on in the year he will be applying for his driver’s licence.

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams’s two ponies were Mr Mischief and Cheeky Charlie.  Mr Mischief  won 5 races for the season and more importantly won his very last race for Matthew at Wayville Showgrounds.  A great way to retire.  Matthew also helped out some of our younger drivers throughout the season by taking the reins when their ponies were misbehaving.

Matthew is currently undertaking Certificate II Racing Stablehand and is almost finished, he works for Clarendon Standardbreds and helps his dad and Ray Goble.  Later on in the year will be applying for his driver’s licence.


Three retiring drivers - Matthew Williams, Chantelle Dodd and Brodie Webster



Once again we would like to thank all Sponsors for their kind generosity to the South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association, your sponsorship has contributed to the young drivers during the season and today receiving special trophy's and prizes.