The following is a list of SAHRPA Presidents and their committee which we are aware of.  If anybody knows who was standing in a particular season and has proof please email and we will add their name to the list.


2011/2012 - Don Wenham, Julie Billinger, Rachel Maguire, Jan Cox, Peta Brown,  Michelle Goble, Trevor Kittel, Jacob Starick, Jake Taylor
2010/2011 - Julie Billinger, Jane Clydesdale, Julie Gilbert, Jan Cox, Karen Carey, Gayle Forby, Rachel Maguire, Sharon Newman, Jake Taylor 
2009/2010 - Julie Billinger, Rod Basto, Julie Gilbert, Jan Cox, Karen Carey, Jane Clydesdale, Pam Hayter, Rachel Maguire, Sharon Newman
2008/2009 - Don Wenham, Mandy Pascoe, Tanya Starick, Stacey Richter, Julie Billinger, Lloyd Fraser, Angela Wise, Courtney Wise, Lauren Wise
2007/2008 - Don Wenham