In October 2008 my daughter Kelly and I created the pony trots website. I personally had a lot of fun setting up the website and searching the history of the pony trots in South Australia so that the records are on file and not lost. In the few years following I enjoyed keeping everyone up-to-date on the website with events which were happening, writing stories and uploading photos of all the children and their ponies.

Unfortunately, as most of you would be aware 12 months ago my daughter Kelly was tragically killed in a car accident and so my priorities in life have changed dramatically and although this was a very difficult decision I have resigned as Vice President from the SAHRPA Committee.

Special thanks must go to Rachel Maguire for taking over the website for me during the past 8 months. I am now officially handing over the website to the new SAHRPA Committee and hope it continues to keep everybody informed.

I would also like to thank all the wonderful families I have met during my years on the Committee and wish everyone all the very best for the future.

Julie Billinger

8 April 2012