Globe Derby Park - 12 December 2009

Sponsored by Jetty Road Glenelg




1st - Reggie Ledgie - Cameron Jacques

2nd - Westbury Bogart - Jacinta Gilbert

3rd - Magpie Mary - Kaycee Carey

4th - Born To Be Wild - Jennifer Lehmann

5th - Whataday - Jessica Pascoe

Scr - Spirit

Scr - Aadelaidee Lady


Reggie Ledgie began safely and led from Magpie Mary and Whataday, followed by Westbury Bogart and Born To Be Wild.

Magpie Mary and then Westbury Bogart tried hard to make ground on the leader, however Cameron Jacques kept Reggie Ledgie trotting strongly to the line for an easy win over Westbury Bogart and Jacinta Gilbert, with Magpie Mary and Kaycee Carey third. Then came Born To Be Wild and Whataday.

Written by Rod Basto



1st - Little Kizz - Christie Gilbert

2nd - Way To Go - Kathryn Lehmann

3rd - Wynkie Sweet Fairytales - Chantelle Rendall

4th - Mr Murphy - Corey Johnson

5th - Mission Impossible - Samantha Pascoe


Little Kizz began like a rocket to lead clearly from Mission Impossible, Way To Go, Wynkie Sweet Fairytales and Mr Murphy.

As Little Kizz maintained her advantage over Way To Go who had moved to second, at various stages during the race, each of the other three ponies galloped just as they were starting to make ground on the leaders.

Into the straight it was a race in two, with Christie Gilbert and Little Kizz holding a margin over a gallant Way To Go and Kathryn Lehmann, with a space to Wynkie Sweet Fairytales and Chantelle Rendall, followed closely by Mr Murphy and Mission Impossible.

Written by Rod Basto




1st - PJ - Bryce Gilbert

2nd - Crackerjack - Kaycee Carey

3rd - Oungachucka - Chantelle Rendall

4th Wandarra Tess - Samantha Pascoe

5th - Swamp Fire - Matthew Williams

6th - My Little Pony - Jennifer Lehmann

Scr - Till We Meet Again


PJ led early from Swamp Fire, Oungachucka, Crackerjack, My Little Pony and backmarker Wandarra Tess.

While PJ was trotting along nicely in front, Oungachucka and Crackerjack were looking serious threats with Swamp Fire, and although a long way back and behind My Little Pony, Wandarra Tess was still expected to put in her usual big finish. However, Bryce Gilbert had a peep over the shoulder with 50 metres to go and could see that he and PJ had the race in their keeping, winning well from the consistent Crackerjack and Kaycee Carey. Third was Oungachucka driven by Chantelle Rendall, and then came Swamp Fire ahead of Wandarra Tess and My Little Pony.

Written by Rod Basto




1st - Mr Mischief - Matthew Williams

2nd - Lapanacaton - Nicholas Brown

3rd - Petti Cheval - Kathryn Lehmann

4th - Little Paleface - Emma Johnson

Scr - Monkey Business

Scr - Chilli Knights


Only four ponies in the last race of the night, but a very exciting one none the less.

Mr Mischief and Petti Cheval were racing together before Lapanacaton moved up to make a line of three, with Little Paleface just behind.

As Lapanacaton pressed forward towards the front, Petti Cheval took a sit behind it and Mr Mischief, just ahead of Little Paleface.

Into the straight and just as Nicholas Brown and Lapanacaton looked set for victory, his sweeping run to hit the front was starting take its toll and Matthew Williams was able to get Mr Mischief to kick back on the inside to win by a little over a length on the line. Just behind them in a photo for third, Petti Cheval and Kathryn Lehmann just held that spot ahead of Little Paleface, who finished the race off well. 

Written by Rod Basto