Kapunda - 15th February 2009


It was a lovely warm day with lots of people pulling together to help make the day successful and Kapunda officials fenced off the back stables for the ponies so we were able to stay out of the direct sunlight.

Thanks to Steve Branson for taking all photos today.



1st – Midnight Star – Sharni Newman

2nd – Oungachucka – Chantelle Rendall

3rd – Lord Monty – Jacob Starick

4th – Magpie Mary – Kaycee Carey

5th – Way To Go – Kathryn Lehmann

6th – Mr Mischief – Matthew Williams

7th – Born To Be Wild – Hayley Lehmann

8th – Wynkie Sweet Fairytales – Jodie Billinger

9th – Aadelaidee Lady – Madison Smith


Coming down the straight 

Midnight Star and Sharni Newman 1st 

All fields today were mixed together to give each driver two drives for the day, the first of the races witnessed Midnight Star and Oungachucka making the most of a front line draw and were having their own little race out in front before Oungachucka went for a little gallop giving Midnight Star the advantage.  Midnight Star went on to win which gave Sharni Newman her second win for the season, her last win was at the Victor Harbor meeting on 11 January.  Oungachucka got down trotting quickly and held on for second placing ahead of the sparingly raced Lord Monty.

Midnight Star after receiving Ribbon 


1st – Till We Meet Again – Brodie Webster

2nd – Magpie Mary – Kaycee Carey

3rd – Way To Go – Kathryn Lehmann

4th – Monkey Business – Chantelle Dodd

5th – Aadelaidee Lady – Madison Smith

6th – Mr Mischief – Matthew Williams

7th – Thats What Boys Do

8th – Born To Be Wild – Hayley Lehmann

PU – My Little Pony – Jennifer Lehmann


Coming down the straight 

Till We Meet Again 1st and Magpie Mary 2nd 


In the second of the races for the day Magpie Mary trotted away very quickly and was hoping for an all the way win but Till We Meet Again who had been sitting behind her pulled out at the top of the straight and went on to win, Magpie Mary held on for second placing ahead of last nights winner Way To Go.

Another of last nights winners My Little Pony was definitely not on his best behaviour today and showed young Jennifer Lehmann the highs and lows of harness racing as last night they paired up to be winners and today My Little Pony started bucking excessively soon after the start and run into the middle of the track, the bike hit a ditch and Jennifer fell into the dust sheet after this My 'Naughty' Little Pony headed back onto the track and was caught.  This must of been extremely scary for Jennifer but shows the benefits of wearing dust sheets.

Till We Meet Again after receiving Ribbon 


1st – Chilli Knights – Brodie Webster

2nd – Little Paleface

3rd – Monkey Business – Chantelle Dodd

4th – Aussie – Jodie Billinger

5th – Wandarra Tess – Jacob Starick

6th – My Little Pony – Kathryn Lehmann

7th – Midnight Star – Sharni Newman

8th – Oungachucka – Chantelle Rendall


Coming down straight

Chilli Knights winning easily

The final race for the day was a false start as the presentation for the bigger horses wasn't completed.  All the ponies had trotted away very well the first time but at the second attempt Oungachucka jibbed at the start and wouldn't move.

A gear change for Chilli Knights proved very rewarding as we saw him scoot to the front early and kick away for a very impressive win.  Little Paleface and Monkey Business battled out the placings. 

This win gave Brodie Webster a double for the day, Brodie is thinking about heading to Queensland for the Pony Interdominion with both Till We Meet Again and Chilli Knights so we wish him all the best.

Chilli Knights after receiving Ribbon