19 FEBRUARY 2011


                                                 FRANKIE FIRES & RUN JEMMA RUNS


There were 2 pony races on the card for Saturday night’s program at the Greenwald Paceway in what proved to be a very exciting night.

Race 1 sponsored by the Gull Family saw 8 ponies fly off their marks as the whistle blew.

Run Jemma Run (Joshua Micallef) had the early lead off the front mark, whilst while the backmarkers struggled to make ground despite their best efforts.

Frankie under Fire, driven faultlessly by Matthew Shepherd, gradually closed the gap on Run Jemma Run down the straight. Under hard driving Frankie Under fire raced to the line to win over Run Jemma Run. In 3rd place was the ever consistent Willow & Abbey Gull, followed by Slim Dusty (Stacey Barker), Minty (Emma Rundle), Marmalade (Jackie Barker), Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield), & Snoopy (Kylie Shepherd). Race time 1.27.86 margins 2m x 4m

Race 2 saw the ponies racing over the marathon distance, sponsored by S. Glynn Fencing Contractors. The crowd gathered to watch the ponies start in front of the main Grandstand and with half a lap separating the backmarkers from the front mark, all were interested in the outcome as the excitement built.

The ponies were handicapped according to their best previous performance & were spread out at the start from the 600m mark to the 960m mark.

Run Jemma Run, driven by Joshua Micallef from the front mark jumped to an early lead making each post the finish.  Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) at the 960m mark had what seemed to be an impossible task to catch the field. Willow (Abbey Gull) began well and looked the likely challenger in the straight.  But with fierce determination Pumpkin passed each pony in front of her only to come up short in the straight. It was however a jubilant Josh Micallef and Run Jemma Run’s night and won untouched to the line. Marmalade driven by Jackie Barker held on for 3rd place, ahead of Willow, Minty (Tom Rundle) who was having his first drive on her, Slim Dusty Frankie Under Fire & a luckless Snoopy. It was a fitting end to the night when the crowd applauded the young drivers on the handling and presentation of their charges, as befitting of the spectacle they had just witnessed.

Race time: 2.17.28 margins 32m x 9m

While there is no racing in Mount Gambier this weekend, MGHRC pony drivers will be travelling over the border on Sunday to compete in the Hamilton Cup.