20 NOVEMBER 2010

Frankie Fired Home

The ponies returned to the Greenwald Paceway for the new season on Saturday night.

Seven ponies hit the track for the Greenfield Discretionary Handicap. Front marker Frankie Under Fire driven by Matthew Shepherd charged forward to lead and was never headed. He trotted faultlessly over the line for the win with Willow and Abbey Gull closely behind. White Lightning driven by first time driver Tom Rundle crossed the line in third place. Joshua Micallef on Run Jemma Run, came in fourth ahead of Snoopy and Kylie Shepherd. The backmarkers Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) and the 2009/10 Pony of the Year winner, Minty with Emma Rundle could not make up there huge handicaps after missing the start.

The Shepherd’s Superspreading Handicap saw Frankie Under Fire and Matthew Shepherd take out the double. With an extra handicap he still managed to gain the lead but his condition began to show 100 metres from home. With determined driving he maintain his momentum across the line. Willow (Abbey Gull) was fighting hard in the straight to pass the leader but was unable to close the gap and finished second by nose. Backmarker Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) came with a blistering run for a close third, followed by White Lightning (Tom Rundle) Minty (Emma Rundle) Run Jemma Run (Joshua Micallef) and Snoopy (Kylie Shepherd).

Expected to return this Saturday night are Marmalade (Jackie Barker) and Slim Dusty (Stacey Barker).