Globe Derby Park - 21 March 2009

Proudly Sponsored by SABOTRA

Many thanks to John and Kate Crawford for taking photos tonight



1st – Little Kizz – Christie Gilbert

2nd – Mr Murphy

3rd – Oungachucka – Chantelle Rendall

4th - Magpie Mary – Kaycee Carey

5th – Chickabarquar

Scr  - Dancing Demi – Jacob Starick

Scr - Chilli Knights – Brodie Webster

Little Kizz driven by Christie Gilbert on outside about to cross the line first 

Tonights racing was sponsored by SABOTRA and with only two weeks to the end of the season and no points allocated the theme for the night was to race ponies in their selected colours.


The first race was for Coloured Ponies and last weeks winner, Chickabarquar was off the front mark, he was trotting along really nicely out in front until nature called and he stopped flat footed on the track, by the time he had finished his business the whole field had raced past him, very good work by all the young drivers to navigate around him safely.


Little Kizz the winner of the Gawler Slow Class Cup last week came off the back mark tonight but after trotting well all the way put her nose in front on the line to win by a short half head in front of Magpie Mary and Mr Murphy a length away in 3rd position.  However, as Magpie Mary had made up a lot of ground by galloping in the early stages of the event she was relegated to 4th position therefore the new placings were Little Kizz 1st, Mr Murphy 2nd  and Oungachucka 3rd.





1st – That’s What Boys Do

2nd – My Little Pony – Jennifer Lehmann

3rd – Wandarra Tess – Matthew Basto

4th – Midnight Star – Sharni Newman

5th – Billy The Kid – Brett Lowe

6th – PJ – Bryce Gilbert

PU – Dancing Demi – Jacob Starick

Scr – Talking Donkey – Katelin Richter

Scr – Ben Bailey – Grayden Richter

Scr – Wynkie Sweet Fairytales – Jodie Billinger

Matthew Basto after having his first race drive on Wandarra Tess

Race 2 was for the Black Ponies and it was thought it might be a hard race to call but all the ponies ranged in height from the smallest PJ to possibly the tallest in That’s What Boys Do.


This year we definitely have had ponies with a little bit of attitude and tonight it was Dancing Demi’s turn.  She started of the second row but wouldn’t move off the start until every pony went past her, then she decided to move.


Most of the field caught PJ at the 50 metre mark with That’s What Boys Do being well driven along the rails to get up and win from one of the most improved ponies over the season My Little Pony driven by Jennifer Lehmann and Wandarra Tess dashing home late through the middle with Matthew Basto who was having his first race drive.





1st – Whataday – Jessica Pascoe

2nd – Little Paleface

3rd – Lord Monty – Jacob Starick

4th – Mr Mischief – Matthew Williams

5th – Aussie – Jodie Billinger

6th – Born To Be Wild – Hayley Lehmann

7th – Westbury Bogart – Jacinta Gilbert

8th – Mission Impossible – Samantha Pascoe

9th – Aadelaidee Lady – Madison Smith

Scr – Till We Meet Again – Brodie Webster

Jessica Pascoe winning her first race on Whataday

The third race was for Bay/Brown/Chestnut Ponies.  Whataday started on the front mark and led all the way for a very impressive win giving young Jessica Pascoe her first winning drive.  Jessica gave most a brief heart palpitation when she pulled Whataday up just before the line but with a lot of encouragement from the crowd Whataday stepped over the line to win.  The ultra consistent Little Paleface finished 2nd ahead of Lord Monty driven by Jacob Starick.





1st – Way To Go – Kathryn Lehmann

2nd – Sundance – Brett Lowe

3rd – Cheeky Charlie – Jacob Starick

4th – Wynkie Sweet Fairytales – Chantelle Rendall

Scr – Spirit – Shannon Platts

Scr – Miss Vee – Matthew Williams

Scr – Monkey Business – Chantelle Dodd

Way To Go and Kathryn Lehmann crossing the line first 

The final race tonight was for Grey/Light Coloured Ponies where another front marker who has been racing well, Way To Go driven by Kathryn Lehmann stuck to the rails and led all the way for an easy win.  Sundance and Cheeky Charlie completed the placings.


After a few scratchings and leaving only three in the final event it was a good opportunity for Chantelle Rendall to have her first race drive on the mischievious Wynkie Sweet Fairytales, Chantelle handled her very well and finished 4th.