Globe Derby Park - 21 November 2009

Tonight’s pony races were in memory of Shane Sandercock (1997–2002).

Proudly Sponsored by Globe Derby Poultry, Grain & Stockfeed

Thank you to Rachel Maguire and Matthew Basto for photos and Rod Basto for race comments



1st - Westbury Bogart - Jacinta Gilbert

2nd - Aadelaidee Lady - Madison Smith

3rd - Whataday - Jessica Pascoe

4th - Reggie Ledgie - Cameron Jacques

Scr - Magpie Mary - Jodie Billinger

Scr - Spirit - Shannon Platts

Scr - Born To Be Wild - Hayley Lehmann

Westbury Bogart galloped away, however Jacinta Gilbert was able to get him down quickly into a trot.  Meanwhile, Cameron Jacques had Reggie Ledgie trotting well in front, with Aadelaidee Lady and Whataday, in pursuit.

Westbury Bogart took control of the race a long way out and won easily from Aadelaidee Lady who ran on well for Madison Smith.  Following them home was Whataday and Jessica Pascoe, with Reggie Ledgie unable to match it with the others, finishing a long last.

Westbury Bogart and Jacinta Gilbert crossing the line in first placing
Westbury Bogart at Presentation


1st - Mr Murphy - Corey Johnson

2nd - Little Kizz - Christie Gilbert

3rd - Mission Impossible - Samantha Pascoe

4th - Wynkie Sweet Fairytales - Chantelle Rendall

Scr - Miss Vee - Matthew Williams

Scr - Way To Go - Kathryn Lehmann

Little Kizz began quickly to lead for Christie Gilbert from Mission Impossible and Samantha Pascoe.  Mr Murphy settled third, while Wynkie Sweet Fairytales was slowly away from her back mark.

Mr Murphy took the lead from Little Kizz before the home turn and looked set for an easy victory, however Corey Johnson had trouble keeping Mr Murphy going straight in the final stages, and had Little Kizz not been baulked for a run, she would have finished closer.  Mission Impossible held on for third ahead of Wynkie Sweet Fairytales, who was just starting to get going near the line, after giving away a big start mid-race.

Corey Johnson was cautioned for his zig-zag driving in the concluding stages of the race.


Mr Murphy and Corey Johnson receiving Rosette from Andrea Sandercock


1st - Till We Meet Again - Brodie Webster

2nd - Wandarra Tess - Samantha Pascoe

3rd - PJ - Bryce Gilbert

4th - Midnight Star - Sharni Newman

5th - Oungachucka - Chantelle Rendall

6th - Swamp Fire - Jodie Billinger

Scr - My Little Pony - Jennifer Lehmann

Scr - Crackerjack - Kaycee Carey

PJ and Bryce Gilbert led by a big margin early from the front mark, while Midnight Star and Sharni Newman were second, with Oungachucka and Chantelle Rendall on the outside third.  Swamp Fire and Jodie Billinger were just behind, clear of Till We Meet Again and Wandarra Tess.

As the field closed in on PJ into the straight, it was Till We Meet Again and Brodie Webster who swept to the front in the final stages to hold off the fast finishing Wandarra Tess and Samantha Pascoe from PJ, followed closely behind by Midnight Star, Oungachucka and Swamp Fire.

Till We Meet Again crossing the line ahead of Wandarra Tess
Till We Meet Again and Brodie Webster receiving Rosette from Andrea Sandercock


1st - Chilli Knights - Brodie Webster

2nd - Lapanacaton - Nicholas Brown

3rd - Little Paleface - Emma Johnson

Scr - Monkey Business - Chantelle Dodd

Scr - Mr Mischief - Matthew Williams

Scr - Petti Cheval - Kathryn Lehmann

Chilli Knights led from start to finish giving Brodie Webster a driving double in consecutive races.  Lapfonacaton was a brave second for Nicholas Brown, while Little Paleface, driven by Emma Johnson wasn’t able to make up ground from the back mark.

Chilli Knights after receiving Rosette