24 DECEMBER 2010


Christmas Eve saw five ponies and their junior drivers compete in two races . In perfect weather conditions, the ponies hit the track for the J.K Greenfield Memorial Handicap. 

Run Jemma Run and Josh Micallef started off with a handy lead . Minty, trained by Hayley Greenfield and driven by Emma Rundle with patience made ground  through the field to pull alongside White Lightning(Tom Rundle). Run Jemma Run with his little legs began to run out of puff in the straight with 20 metres to go. As the the roar of the crowd echoed down the straight Run Jemma Run lifted and  on the line, crossed with White Lightning and Minty locked together in an exciting photo finish.
The honours were awarded to Minty and Emma Rundle by a short half head to Run Jemma Run and White Lightning who on the official photo dead heated  for second place.
They were followed by Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) and Willow (Abbey Gull).
Race 1
1st         Minty                      Emma Rundle
2nd  DH White Lightning      Tom Rundle
        DH Run Jemma Run      Joshua Micallef
4th        Pumpkin                   Emma Greenfield
5th        Willow                     Abbey Gull
Race 2 The Sandra and Dennis Gray and was another crowd pleaser with White Lightning too eager to get the show started. After a short pre-race performance, Tom Rundle steadied his pony into a near perfect gait.  Run Jemma Run (Joshua Micallef) who fought hard to maintain his lead in the straight. Minty came blistering into to view and it looked likely to be a repeat effort. White Lightning trotting faultlessly gradually ground down the leader to make it a Rundle family double for the night. Minty unable to overcome her extra handicap finished best next ahead of Willow and Pumpkin.
The ponies return to the track on Saturday night.
Race 2
1st         White Lightning       Tom Rundle
2nd         Run Jemma Run       Joshua Micallef
3rd         Minty                        Emma Rundle
4th         Willow                      Abbey Gull
5th         Pumpkin                   Emma Greenfield

Minty, White Lightning and Run Jemma Run hit the line in a photo finish