Globe Derby Park - 27 December 2008

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Thanks to many helpers for taking photos tonight - Courtney, Shane and Jane 


1st           Spirit – Shannon Platts

2nd          Westbury Bogart – Jacinta Gilbert

3rd           Born To Be Wild – Hayley Lehmann

4th           Magpie Mary – Jodie Billinger

PU          Mr Murphy

Scr          Whataday – Jessica Pascoe

Scr          Lord Monty – Jordan Starick

Scr          Mumbo Jumbo – Samantha Pascoe

Scr          Little Kizz – Jacinta Gilbert


Coming down the straight Shannon checks out where her opposition are

The opening race of the night was the Slow Class which included 5 starters.  Spirit lead most of the way to give Shannon Platts her first victory of the season as she beat her oponents comfortably to the line.  Born To Be Wild was 2nd over the line ahead of Westbury Bogart but Born To Be Wild was relegated to 3rd place by the Stewards.  Mr Murphy played up at the start and was retired from the race. 

Written by Braden Jarman

Spirit and Shannon with their Ribbon 


1st           Chilli Knights – Brodie Webster

2nd          Way To Go – Kathryn Lehmann

3rd           Mr Mischief – Jennifer Lehmann

4th           Little Kizz – Christie Gilbert

5th           Wynkie Sweet Fairytales – Jodie Billinger

Scr          Mission Impossible – Samantha Pascoe


Crossing the line Chilli Knights ahead of Way To Go 

The Medium Slow Class saw Chilli Knights win her second race for the season as she trotted well to win ahead of Way To Go driven by Kathryn Lehmann and Mr Mischief driven by Jennifer Lehmann who stepped in the cart for Matthew Williams who was absent

Written by Braden Jarman

Chilli Knights and Brodie receiving their Ribbon 


1st           Till We Meet Again – Brodie Webster

2nd          Wandarra Tess – Jacob Starick

3rd           Ben Bailey – Grayden Richter

4th           Billy The Kid – Brett Lowe

5th           PJ – Bryce Gilbert

6th           Oungachucka – Chantelle Rendall

7th           Midnight Star – Jodie Billinger

8th           My Little Pony – Kathryn Lehmann

Scr          Talking Donkey – Katelin Richter



The Shetlands put on another entertaining encounter as Brodie Webster's Till We Meet Again got up to win and give Brodie a double for the night, while the in-form Wandarra Tess driven by Jacob Starick replacing Jack Wenham finished 2nd with a good run from Ben Bailey rounding out the placings.  Grayden Richter looked the winner down the straight with Ben Bailey but the two speedsters of the Shetlands caught him metres from the line.

Written by Braden Jarman

Till We Meet Again with his Ribbon


1st           Aussie – Jodie Billinger

2nd          Little Paleface

3rd           Sundance – Brett Lowe

4th           Cheeky Charlie – Jacob Starick

Scr          Monkey Business – Chantelle Dodd


Aussie beating Little Paleface

The Medium Class was the only race that started from the 800m mark.  Tonights race was Aussie's night as Jodie Billinger drove her to her second win of the season with Little Paleface finishing a close 2nd ahead of Sundance who finished 3rd. 

It was another nice night out at the trots with quite a big crowd in attendance.  The pony's were spread out over the night due to feature races with trophy's being presented.

Written by Braden Jarman

Aussie and Jodie with Ribbon