Saturday 29th November 2008


1st           Magpie Mary – Jodie Billinger

2nd          Little Kizz – Christie Gilbert

3rd           Westbury Bogart – Jacinta Gilbert

Scr          Whataday – Jessica Pascoe

Scr          Lord Monty – Jordan Starick

Scr          Born To Be Wild – Hayley Lehmann

Scr          Mumbo Jumbo – Samantha Pascoe

Scr          Spirit – Shannon Platts

Scr          Mr Murphy –


Magpie Mary 1st, Little Kizz 2nd, Westbury Bogart 3rd

Magpie Mary winning

A popular crowd favourite with her distinct brown and white markings, Magpie Mary driven by Jodie Billinger gave Kaycee Carey an early birthday present to lead all the way and win the first pony race.  There were six scratchings in this pony race due to Christmas festivities and concerts so all pony’s and drivers were guaranteed a medal.

With the small field it was a good opportunity for Jacinta Gilbert to drive her own pony last weeks winner Westbury Bogart.   As it is both Westbury Bogart and Jacinta’s first season racing Jacob Starick has been driving him in the larger fields.


Magpie Mary receiving winning medal


1st           Wynkie Sweet Fairytales – Jodie Billinger

2nd          Chilli Knights – Brodie Webster

3rd           Mr Mischief –

Scr          Little Kizz – Christie Gilbert

Scr          Mission Impossible – Samantha Pascoe

Scr          Way To Go – Kathryn Lehmann


Wynkie Sweet Fairytales winning

Another of the races where the pony’s and drivers were guaranteed a medal , this time three scratchings.  Wynkie Sweet Fairytales took advantage of being the only pony on the front line and trotted faultlessly out in front to give Jodie Billinger a double.   Fairy is becoming quite a handful for young Chantelle Rendall and her mum to load on the float each week but hopefully by winning tonight she may be forgiven.




1st           Till We Meet Again – Brodie Webster

2nd          Wandarra Tess – Jack Wenham

3rd           Oungachucka – Chantelle Rendall

4th           Ben Bailey – Grayden Richter

5th           Midnight Star – Jodie Billinger

6th           PJ – Bryce Gilbert

7th           Talking Donkey – Katelin Richter

Scr          My Little Pony – Jennifer Lehmann

Scr          Billy The Kid – Brett Lowe


View of the Shetland Class from the grandstand

Who  doesn’t love to watch the little Shetland’s trot around, some of them don’t go much faster than a walk but they are so gorgeous and all look very similar.  For two weeks in a row Till We Meet Again won and Wandarra Tess finished second.  A very close finish for third placing with Oungachucka beating Ben Bailey by a half head.




1st           Cheeky Charlie – Jacob Starick

2nd          Monkey Business – Chantelle Dodd

3rd           Aussie – Jodie Billinger

Scr          Little Paleface –

Scr          Sundance – Brett Lowe


Cheeky Charlie winning

Only two scratching in the final event but once again all were guaranteed a medal.  Monkey Business driven by Chantelle Dodd was trotting nicely out in front until Cheeky Charlie driven by Jacob Starick got his momentum going and went straight past to score an easy win in stylish fashion.  Maybe next week Chantelle.


Cheeky Charlie receiving winning medal