Mt Gambier
Saturday, 16th February 2013

Sponsored by ~
Bill Duray Racing Stables, Shane Fencing, Drury Racing Stables & Balnaves of Penola

The Mount Gambier Pony Gold Cup night attracted the biggest field of ponies in its history at the Greenwald Paceway on Saturday with one entrant coming from Globe Derby. While they raced early in the evening the ponies were still enjoyed by a large crowd who were not left disappointed - the competition was fierce and the entertainment huge.

Race 1: B. Drury Racing Stables & S. Glynn Fencing Disc Handicap

The drivers lined their ponies up at their respective marks with visiting driver, Chantelle Rendall, and her tiny pony, Jimmy Cricket, starting midfield.

At the whistle the ponies jumped away nicely with frontrunner Run Jemma Run (Jacob Opperman) setting off in the lead with Frankie Under Fire (Aaron Shepherd) in hot pursuit.

Back further Jimmy Cricket, Blaze (Courtney Sealey) & Zena (Jhett Perry) fought for position with the smaller pony eventually pulling away, trotting faultlessly toward the leaders.

Meanwhile the backmarkers were closing the large gap. Pablo (Emma Shepherd) starting twenty metres in front of reigning State Champion, Minty (Matthew Shepherd), tried to hold his ground but was struggling to maintain his gait.

First season pony Jackim, driven well by Josh Micallef, trotted steadily but was overrun by Marmalade (Stacey Barker) and Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) near the corner.

Adelaide pony, Jimmy Cricket, who started on the same mark as Zena and Blaze, overtook the local front markers and headed to the finish line, eager to impress the crowd.

Pablo, Minty and Pumpkin were closing fast but Jimmy Cricket (Chantelle Rendall) proved too good and took out the first race of the night closely followed by a fast finishing Minty.

Pumpkin picked up the pace in the straight to get third placing with Zena finishing fourth. Next in line were Pablo, Blaze, Frankie Under Fire, Marmalade, Run Jemma Run and Jackim.

The final order was at the discretion of the judges who relegated ponies for excessive galloping.

Chantelle Rendall and Jimmy Cricket coming down the straight in first placing.

Chantelle Rendall and Jimmy Cricket at presentation
after winning the first race.

Race 2: Mount Gambier Pony Gold Cup - Sponsored by D. Drury Racing Stables & Balnaves of Penola

The most highly contested race of the year saw a field of 11 ponies line up at the start. South Australian Cup winner, Little Paleface, owned by Emma Johnson & driven by Chantelle Rendall were amongst the line-up eager to please the crowd.

From the start Run Jemma Run once again took the early lead from a steadily approaching Frankie Under Fire & Willow (Abbey Gull).

Further back Zena progressed onwards with last week’s Driver of the Future winner, Blaze, having trouble finding his previous form.

In midfield Little Paleface was gaining on the front-runners with each stride & was lengthening the distance to Pablo(Jessica Shepherd) & Jackim from behind.

The backmarkers, however, were approaching with amazing speed. In the home straight Minty took on the challenge & passing the bulk of the field tried to run Little Paleface down on the line. She ran short of track though & a jubilant Chantelle Rendall drove Little Paleface to victory to take out the Mt Gambier Pony Gold Cup.

Minty was followed by a strong finishing Pumpkin & Marmalade, ahead of Frankie Under Fire, Willow, Pablo, Zena, Blaze, Run Jemma Run & Jackim.

For her win Chantelle received a Gold Cup trophy & a dress rug for Little Paleface. In an emotional speech she thanked the sponsors & the organisers & later expressed her wish to return to Mt Gambier to race again.

Chantelle Rendall and Little Palceface at presentation after winning the 2013 Mt Gambier Pony Gold Cup.

~Future Events~

Pony racing returns on Friday 1st March with the running of the Australian Navy Cadets Pony Cup.

On the night there will be a free Pony Cup sweep for children under the age of 16 with prizes donated by Toffee & Treats Penola & the Penola Fantasy Railway.    


x - Absent from Meeting
r - Did Not Finish Event