Mt Gambier
Friday, 17th January 2014

Sponsored by ~
The Beveridge Family & Sandy and Barry Carraill

Race 1- 600m ~ Proudly Sponsored by: The Beveridge Family

Race 1 for the night was sponsored by the Beveridge Family of Roxby Downs.  With two new drivers joining the field, Evie Sealey was driving her new pony ex-harness show pony Pee Wee Penny.  Evie’s cousin, Keeley Formosa was excited to join the field for her first time with a cool drive on Lucy.

Jessica Shepherd was aboard Zena for the night as usual driver, Jacob Opperman was away on holidays.

With a great start front marker Willow (Abby Gull) trotted exceptionally taking the lead early.  Behind Willow was Smokey (Millie Beveridge) who fought hard for the lead but was unable to maintain it.  Slim Dusty (Stacey Barker) was trying so hard for the lead but was still able to take third place.  While the back markers covered some ground forming a group around the home turn, Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) pushed through to get fourth place.

Keeley Formosa was overwhelmed with Lucy’s performance but they were out of the placings this time.  Sixth place went to Jackim (Emma Shepherd) who trotted well, followed by Zena (Jessica Shepherd), with Blaze, Pee Wee Penny and Yoshi right behind.

 Race 2- 600m ~ Proudly Sponsored by: Sandy & Barry Carraill

All ten ponies and drivers took to the track for the Barry & Sandy Carraill Handicap.  The handicapper moved a few ponies forward and back to suit their performance which assisted midfielder Blaze (Amber Formosa) to get off to a good start.  The rest of the field caught up, with Jackim (Emma Shepherd) taking out first place, with very controlled, smooth trot.  Blaze (Amber Formosa) made good ground with a confident drive, taking second place, Slim Dusty (Stacey Barker) finished well with third place.  Smokey (Millie Beveridge) was on their backs; Willow followed Lucy over the line who again trotted well.  It was a tussle to the finish for Zena and Pee Wee Penny but Pee Wee Penny was able to get over the line with Evie Sealey in the sulky.  Yoshi (Courtney Sealey) crossed the line with back marker, Minty not far behind (Emma Greenfield).

Thank you to our sponsors for the night, Barry and Sandy Carraill and also The Beveridge Family.

Our next race meeting is the 25 January 2014, which is the Gold Cup. Race 1 of Pony Trots is sponsored by HorseWyse Magazine and Race 2 is the Gold Cup Sponsored by Balnaves of Penola. Be sure to be there for an action-packed night with the Free Pony Gold Cup Sweep being held for children under 16 years.


x - Absent from Meeting
r - Did Not Finish Event