Mt Gambier Pony Trots
Saturday, 19th January 2019


Pony Trot write-up for meeting 19th January


All eight ponies & drivers lined up in the starters hands for the 2019 Prelude, 600 metres, sponsored by Des & Heather Glynn.  Buddy Boom Boom in the control of Marnee Formosa, ran up the track a little before straightening up and trotting towards front marker Super Marley & Holly Phillips.  Dark Temptation with Jorja Glynn on board was putting in the big strides out wide, in an effort to make ground.  Nicola Bowditch settled a wobbly Jerry early and closed the gap ahead, while Just a Rumour and driver Jemma Glynn peeled to the extreme outside, putting in the long strides to catch those in front.  As they turned into the home straight a close finish was eminent, with Slim Dusty (Amity Formosa) pinching a good break to try and hold off the rest of the field.  Back markers Super Mario & Blaze (Keeley & Amber Formosa) covered a lot of ground, weaving in between runners with Blaze saluting the judge in first place, closely followed by Slim Dusty and Super Mario in third.  Just A Rumour finished fourth, with Buddy Boom Boom crossing the line in fifth, Jerry and Dark Temptation completed the pack that crossed the line, with Super Marley and Holly Phillips  doing everything right, and finishing off at the tail of the field.

In the main event of the year for the pony trotters, the ‘2019 Pony Trot Gold Cup’, sponsored by Des & Heather Glynn, was hotly contested, and another great finish was orchestrated by handicapper Barry Carraill.  All ponies stepped off their mark cleanly, with drivers keen to add a Gold Cup win to their achievements.  Front markers Super Marley & Buddy Boom Boom led the field out of the back straight, with Slim Dusty and Dark Temptation in hot pursuit.  Jerry worked his way towards the pack, while Just a Rumour followed closely behind.  Back marker Blaze didn’t have the rhythm in his stride from the first race, and consequently had too large of a gap to put pressure on the leaders.  Super Mario continued his consistent year, trotting smoothly and navigating his way through the field.  As the runners turned into the head straight, Buddy Boom Boom (Marnee Formosa) hit the lead, however Slim Dusty (Amity Formosa) put in the quick ones and secured the lead with 50-60 metres to go and held on for the win.  Jerry and Nicola Bowditch powered home to secure second and Super Mario (Keeley Formosa) flashed home for third, in front of Buddy Boom Boom (Marnee Formosa).  Blaze (Amber Formosa) ran home to finish fifth, ahead of the stylish pair of Jemma Glynn on Just a Rumour, and Jorja Glynn on Dark Temptation.  In a much better run Super Marley and Holly Phillips crossed the line, at the rear of the field.

Presentations of a rug , trophies and prizes were made to all participants, and Pony Sweep winner Archie Miller was presented with his winning prize, along with other children that drew a pony in the sweep also receiving gifts. 

Back row: Sponsor Heather Glynn, Jemma Glynn, Nicola Bowditch, Amity Formosa, Keeley Formosa. Amber Formosa.
Front row: Marnee Formosa, Jorja Glynn & Holly Phillips

Archie Milich winner Pony Sweep
Amity Formosa & Slim Dusty

Keeley (3rd), Amber (1st), Amity (2nd) Formosa

Nicola Bowditch (2nd), Amity (1st) and Keeley (3rd) Formosa


x - Absent from Meeting
r - Did Not Finish Event