Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club
Monday, 28th March 2016

As the pony trotting season came to an end at Easter Monday’s harness racing, pony drivers congregated at Greenwald Paceway with their keen eye on one thing; to claim victory in the Glencoe Cup and Glynn Family Handicap.

Slim Dusty and Amity Formosa had their strong judgement on the Glynn Family handicap and showe it when they jumped off their handicap and took the lead. It wasn’t until the top turn that the rest of the field started to catch them and it was tough competition. Blaze took the lead with Courtney Sealey and trotted to victory, taking out he win. Slim Dusty (Amity Formosa) was close behind ahead of Jerry and Nicola Bowditch, who had an improved run for the third placing. Jackim (Jacob Opperman) stormed home for fourth in front of Marmalade and Bryce Bygate. Buddy Boom Boom got home for a not so impressive race. Minty (Jessica Shepherd) were out of the placings due to excessive galloping.


This next pony race was the one to look forward to, being raced over 800 metres. Jackim stayed quiet at the tail end of the field, behind Minty who was quickly approaching the field of ponies.The smallest ponies of the group, Slim Dusty and Buddy Boom Boom were the leaders, most of the race until Buddy Boom Boom (Evie Sealey) stormed of the finish line for the victory. Slim Dusty (Keeley Formosa) received second, ahead of Minty (Jessica Shepherd), Jackim (Jacob Opperman). Jerry (Nicola Bowditch) failed to receive a placing. Blaze (Courtney Sealey) and Marmalade (Bryce Bygate) couldn’t get the motivation they needed for the win.


Mount Gambier Pony Trots raffle was drawn on the afternoon, with M Pearson, proudly winning the Scentsy Hamper (sponsored by Karen Jones) second went to Jorja Mitchell, who recieved a meat tray for her family. We would like to thank the Glencoe General Store for sponsoring the Glencoe Cup, and also the Glynn Family for supporting Mount Gambier Pony Trots.