Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club
Friday, 30th January 201

Sponsored by ~
The Beveridge Family & Kathy Finnis and The Glencoe Community

Race 1- Beveridge Family/K&S Fuels pace
Was a closely contested affair from when the starter said go, the first to hit her straps as usual was Lucy (Keeley Formosa) with Jerry (Nichola Bowditch) and PeeWee Penny ( Evie Sealey) in hot pursuit.  Smokey (Millie Beveridge) returned after missing a meeting, was the fresh pony and looked a big threat.  Blaze (Courtney Sealey) with a change of driver from last week dragged back markers, Minty (Jessica Shepherd) & in form pony Jackim (Jacob Opperman) towards the leaders.  In the run down the straight the lead changed three times with the fast finishing Blaze (Courtney Sealey) out wide hitting the front at just the right time to get up in a closely contested finish.

1st Blaze - C Sealey
2nd - Jerry - N Bowditch
3rd Smokey - M Beveridge
4th Minty J Shepherd
5th Lucy - K Formosa
6th Pee Wee Penny - E Sealey
7th - Jackim - J Oppermann

Race 2 - Glencoe Community Cup

Race 2 was the running of the prestigious Glencoe Cup with all ponies pumped and eager.  The front markers were always going to make it hard for the backmarkers who flew the start and were never going to let the front ponies get the trophy without a fight.  Jerry took the lead on the home straight after passing Lucy and PeeWee Penny.  Smokey was the big threat half way down the straight before backmarker Minty took to the sprint lane in search of Jerry.  Jackim went wide to make his presence felt but was beaten by the handicapper.  Blaze couldn't keep up the form of the first race to finish midfield.

1st Jerry
2nd Minty
3rd Lucy
4th Smokey
5th Blaze
6th Jackim
7th Pee Wee Penny

Race 3 Past Drivers Race

For something a little different, a special pony race was held for drivers who commenced their driving careers off racing in pony trots.  One of those drivers drove her first pony back in 1994.  Drivers involved in the special pony race were Jackie Barker on Blaze, Chris Walsh on Lucy, Jayson Finnis on Smokey, Kayla Gray on Jerry, David Drury on Jackim, Brent Howard on Minty & Amanda Sealey on Pee Wee Penny.

The ponies seemed to know there was professional drivers on board and lifted the tempo considerably, making a hard fought out race.  With the crowd cheering on their favourite driver, it made for a  great spectacle, with David Drury on flashy pony Jackim, coming off the back mark to win in a very close finish, coming in second was Smokey, then Blaze, Lucy, Jerry, Minty & finally Pee Wee Penny.