Mount Gambier Harness Racing Club
Sunday, 30th March 2014

Sponsored by ~ Mt Gambier Navy Cadets

Both Races for the night were sponsored by the Mount Gambier Navy Cadets.

 All ponies and drivers came back to Greenwald Paceway keen and ready to race. The first race was tight and was lead all the way by Lucy (Keeley Formosa) who ended up receiving 1st place. Yoshi (Courtney Sealey) followed hard until all ponies formed a group on the home straight and pushed Yoshi back. Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) got 2nd place with Zena (Jacob Opperman) close behind. They all came over the line as a group. Slim Dusty (Stacey Barker) and Jackim (Emma Shepherd) fought for 4th placing. Willow (Abbey Gull), Blaze (Amber Formosa), Pee Wee Penny (Evie Sealey) and Yoshi (Courtney Sealey) were out of the placing but they were happy with the performance of their ponies.

 The Mount Gambier Navy Cadet Cup saw Lucy handicapped back to their standards. Lucy (Keeley Formosa) played up at the start and did not want to race this time. The front markers flew past Lucy and went particularly fast on the home straight heading for the finish line. Blaze lead them all the way to the finish line and was too good for the rest, however Slim Dusty was close behind and got 2nd place. Willow (Abbey Gull) was next over the line but was disqualified due to excess galloping, but Pee Wee Penny (Evie Sealey) instead received 3rd place. Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield), Jackim (Jacob Opperman), Zena (Jessica Shepherd), Yoshi (Courtney Sealey) and Lucy (Keeley Formosa) were next over the line in a tight group.

 Blaze had yet another Cup win for Amber Formosa and received a rug. Thank you to the Mt Gambier Navy Cadets who proudly sponsored the Pony Racing for the night.