Mt Gambier
Tuesday, 4th February 2014

Sponsored by ~ the Gull Family and the Glencoe Community

In the windy conditions of the 4 February, 8 ponies and their junior drivers were ready to race in the Gull Family Handicap and the Glencoe Cup set at Greenwald Paceway.


Race 1:

Lucy with driver Keeley Formosa were off to a great start ready to win the Gull Family handicap, but their chances were left as Pee Wee Penny and Evie Sealey dashed past taking out 1st place winning their first race for the season. Amber Formosa aboard Blaze was next over the line coming 2nd. Zena and Jessica Shepherd stormed home and received 3rd place with Lucy not far behind. Following behind was Marmalade and Stacey Barker, Willow and Abbey Gull, Jackim with usual driver Jacob Opperman and last over the line was Yoshi and Courtney Sealey.


Race 2:

Ponies were re-handicapped for the Glencoe Cup to increase the challenge. Blaze with driver Amber Formosa were ready to take on the fierce competition. Amber and Blaze’s dreams came true and she won her first ever race, with Marmalade and Stacey Barker not far behind. Lucy and Keeley Formosa got their first ever third placing. Next over the line was Pee Wee Penny (Evie Sealey), Zena (Jessica Shepherd), Jackim (Jacob Opperman), Willow (Abbey Gull) and last over the line was Yoshi (Courtney Sealey).


Next race meeting there will again be Pony Trots on the schedule with Race 1 being the Barker Family Handicap and the second race will be sponsored by the Greenfield Family.



x - Absent from Meeting
r - Did Not Finish Event