8 JANUARY 2012

A field of 5 ponies were willing to combat the windy conditions at the Greenwald Paceway Sunday evening.


Race 1

In the Sportscene Handicap new driver Emma Shepherd debuted in the sulky behind Pumpkin, while Emma Greenfield had her first drive on Minty.

From the outset Willow & Abbey Gull were the clear leaders with Frankie Under Fire (Aaron Shepherd) & Snoopy (Kylie Shepherd) chasing hard.

The backmarkers were working fiercely, with Pumpkin chasing Minty to the home turn. Unable to handle the pressure & the wind Minty lost her rhythm enabling Emma Shepherd & Pumpkin to capitilise. They forged ahead to pass Minty & Frankie Under Fire in the run for home.

Willow maintained his momentum to the line, but a luckless Abbey Gull was pipped at the post. They were beaten by a short half head to a fast finishing Pumpkin in a superb first drive by Emma Shepherd.

Next in the run-on was Frankie Under Fire, Minty (relegated for excessive galloping) & Snoopy.


Race 2

All ponies started well in the Tanya Rasmussen Handicap with Willow holding the early lead urged on by Abbey Gull in an effort to change her fortune at the line.

Pumpkin driven by Emma Greenfield tried desperately to overcome her increased handicap. Success seemed possible in the chase to the line after they passed a tiring Frankie Under Fire & Snoopy who proved to be a handful in the windy conditions.

Minty driven by Matthew Shepherd put in a better performance after a gear alteration, but despite best efforts was unable to catch Willow or hold off Pumpkin.

In a show of courage & persistence the winner was Willow & Abbey Gull by a half length to Pumpkin, with Minty in 3rd place followed by Frankie Under Fire & Snoopy.


Cup Racing

Next weekend 3 Mt Gambier ponies, Willow, Marmalade & Slim Dusty, will be racing over the border in the Hamilton Cup with their respective drivers.

The Mt Gambier Carnival of Summer Cups commences on the 22d January with the running of the Young Drivers of the Future Cup sponsored by P&L Livestock, with a trophy & pony rug for the winner. A full contingent of ponies is expected with the emergence of a new pony & driver to the ranks. 


Results – Race1, Sportscene Discretionary Handicap, 600m:

Pumpkin (Emma Shepherd) 1; Willow (Abbey Gull) 2; Frankie Under Fire (Aaron Shepherd) 3; Minty (Emma Greenfield) 4; Snoopy (Kylie Shepherd) 5.

Race 2, Tanya Rasmussen Discretionary Handicap, 600m:

Willow (Abbey Gull) 1; Pumpkin (Emma Greenfield) 2; Minty  (Matthew Shepherd) 3; Frankie Under Fire (Aaron Shepherd) 4; Snoopy (Kylie Shepherd) 5.