6 April 2010

Proudly Sponsored by
Port Pirie Harness Racing Club
Laucke Mills

Once again the Port Pirie Harness Racing Club made all participants feel very welcome.  The weather down in Adelaide on the morning was torrential rain with thunder and lightning and thoughts were there may not be races tonight but Port Pirie never spotted the rain and it was a lovely mild night with no mosquitoes.

Trainers received $30 for fuel and a Laucke Mills feed voucher.


The three drivers which made the trip to Port Pirie, Jodie Billinger, Chantelle Rendall (Westbury Bogart), Matthew Basto and Rehn Nagel who called the pony races.

Rehn's ambition is to become a commentator like his grandfather John Tee.  He is 10 years old and has been calling Port Pirie trials since he was 9 years old and at the last Whyalla meeting he called two races.  Keep up the good work Rehn.


In the first race of the evening the race needed to be slightly longer for Wandarra Tess as he was flashing down the outside to be beaten a length by Cowboy Road the front marker, a few strides past the post and Wandarra Tess wins.  Lord Monty was a late scratching so it was very kind of Jacinta Gilbert to loan her pony, Westbury Bogart for the night and he took out third placing.

After the win of Cowboy Road he was re-handicapped 20 metres and Westbury Bogart was moved forward by 30 metres to try and even up the field but Cowboy Road was full of energy and led all the way to win the 2nd heat as well.  Wandarra Tess finished 2nd driven by Matthew Basto and Westbury Bogart was third.

There was a point 4/2/1 point system used to calculate the points for the night and Neville Thomson presented the trophies to the three runners.  The winner was Cowboy Road and Jodie Billinger; 2nd was Wandarra Tess and Matthew Basto and 3rd was Westbury Bogart and Chantelle Rendall.

Cowboy Road and Jodie Billinger with Neville Thomson

Wandarra Tess and Matthew Basto with Neville Thomson

Westbury Bogart and Chantelle Rendall with Neville Thomson