Royal Adelaide Show 2009

Thursday, 10 September 2009

There was only two pony races tonight as were hoping to get Adam Brand, Country Singer and winner of Dancing with the Stars to present the Ribbons to the children on the track.  Unfortunately, he was unable to follow through with this which was a real disappointment.  However, we decided to take a photo of the young drivers on the track without Adam Brand anyway.

In the main arena - Jack Wenham, Jodie Billinger, Shannon Platts, Matthew Basto, Kaycee Carey, Emma Johnson, Chantelle Rendall


1st - Magpie Mary - Jodie Billinger (Cone 2)

2nd - Crackerjack - Kaycee Carey (Cone 2)

3rd - Spirit – Shannon Platts (Cone 3)

4th - Wandarra Tess - Jack Wenham (Cone 4)

5th - Little Paleface - Emma Johnson (Cone 5)

6th - Mr Murphy - Matthew Basto (Cone 3)

7th - Oungachucka - Chantelle Rendall (Cone 1)


Crackerjack & Kaycee Carey and Magpie Mary & Jodie Billinger - stable quinella

The biggest field so far at the Show all trotted away nicely.  Frontmarker Oungachucka was gathered in quickly by Magpie Mary who cleared out down the back, with Crackerjack and Spirit chasing hard.  However, Jodie Billinger kept Magpie Mary going to hold off all challenges, with Kaycee Carey ensuring Crackerjack held onto second ahead of Shannon Platts and Spirit.  Wandarra Tess finished strongly for fourth in front of Little Paleface, who made up ground from Mr Murphy and the early leader Oungachucka.

Written by Rod Basto


Mr Murphy with Matthew Basto driving thanks to the Johnson family


1st - Little Paleface - Emma Johnson (Cone 5)

2nd - Wandarra Tess - Jack Wenham (Cone 4)

3rd - Oungachucka - Chantelle Rendall (Cone 1)

4th - Mr Murphy - Matthew Basto (Cone 2)

5th - Spirit - Shannon Platts (Cone 3)

6th - Magpie Mary - Jodie Billinger (Cone 2)

7th - Crackerjack - Kaycee Carey (Cone 2)


Wandarra Tess and Jack Wenham

Oungachucka began well and led by a big margin with a bunched field behind.  Chantelle Rendall maintained her advantage with Oungachucka, but as they straightened up for the run home, the other runners were closing in.  It was the backmarker Little Paleface given the perfect drive by Emma Johnson who claimed the lead and went on to win from the fast finishing Wandarra Tess and Jack Wenham, who photo-finished Oungachucka out of second place.  Mr Murphy and Matthew Basto were next in from Spirit, Magpie Mary and Crackerjack.

Written by Rod Basto