Royal Adelaide Show 2009 

Friday, 11 September 2009


1st - Mr Mischief - Matthew Williams (Cone 5)

2nd - PJ - Bryce Gilbert (Cone 1)

3rd - Westbury Bogart - Jacinta Gilbert (Cone 3)

Eq.4th - Way To Go - Kathryn Lehmann (Cone 4)

Eq.4th - Monkey Business - Chantelle Dodd (Cone 5)

6th - Little Kizz - Christie Gilbert (Cone 4)

7th - Midnight Star - Sharni Newman (Cone 2)

Westbury Bogart and Jacinta waiting

PJ led early from Midnight Star and Westbury Bogart.  As Westbury Bogart went past Midnight Star, Mr Mischief moved quickly past them both into second and out after the leader.  Turning for home and as Mr Mischief and Westbury Bogart closed in on PJ, both galloped.  However, Matthew Williams was able to get Mr Mischief trotting again quickly to run down PJ and Bryce Gilbert on the line, with Jacinta Gilbert getting Westbury Bogart trotting again for a close third.  Not far away, Way To Go and Monkey Business shared the fourth prize ahead of Little Kizz and Midnight Star.

Written by Rod Basto



1st - Little Kizz - Christie Gilbert (Cone 3)

2nd - Mr Mischief - Matthew Williams (Cone 5)

3rd - Westbury Bogart - Jacinta Gilbert (Cone 3)

4th - Monkey Business - Chantelle Dodd (Cone 4)

Eq.5th - Midnight Star - Sharni Newman (Cone 2)

Eq.5th - Way To Go - Kathryn Lehmann (Cone 4)

7th - PJ - Bryce Gilbert (Cone 1)

Little Kizz and Christie waiting

Little Kizz began like a rocket and in no time at all had found the front ahead of PJ and Midnight Star.  It was left to Mr Mischief, Westbury Bogart and Monkey Business to give chase, which they did with gusto.  As Matthew Williams and Mr Mischief closed in on the leader, Mr Mischief galloped, and Christie Gilbert got Little Kizz home to win from Mr Mischief who got going again for second.  Jacinta Gilbert and Westbury Bogart finished very close again for third, just ahead of Monkey Business.  There was a big gap behind to Midnight Star and Little Kizz, with PJ tiring to finish at the tail of the field.

Written by Rod Basto

Rod Basto presenting ribbon to Matthew Williams


1st - Monkey Business - Chantelle Dodd (Cone 3)

2nd - Mr Mischief - Matthew Williams (Cone 5)

3rd - Little Kizz - Christie Gilbert (Cone 4)

4th - Westbury Bogart - Jacinta Gilbert (Cone 4)

5th - Midnight Star - Sharni Newman (Cone 1)

6th - PJ - Bryce Gilbert (Cone 1)

7th - Way To Go - Kathryn Lehmann (Cone 2)


Having performed well in the earlier heats without finishing in the placings, it was Chantelle Dodd piloting Monkey Business who took full advantage of a lift in the handicaps to completely dominate the final event.  Chantelle wasted no time rounding up the early leaders and Monkey Business careered away for a comfortable victory.  Mr Mischief ran another honest race for driver Matthew Williams to finish second and making it a quinella for the grey ponies.  Third home was Little Kizz and Christie Gilbert, so the three placegetters were the three winners on the night.  Just out of a place was Westbury Bogart, closely followed by Midnight Star.  A little way off them was PJ, with Way To Go well back and looking forward to saying goodnight to the largest crowd to watch the pony trots at the Show so far and go home for a well earned rest.

Written by Rod Basto


Chantelle Dodd receiving ribbon earlier in night