Royal Adelaide Show 2009

7 September 2009



Presentation after the races with General Manager, David Aldred





1st – Mr Murphy – Corey Johnson (Cone 3)

2nd – Spirit – Shannon Platts (Cone 3)

3rd – Wandarra Tess – Matthew Basto (Cone 4)

4th – Little Paleface – Emma Johnson (Cone 5)

5th – Midnight Star – Sharni Newman (Cone 1)

6th – Oungachucka – Chantelle Rendall (Cone 2)


When you Gotta Go!

The winner here was the young and mischievous Corey Johnson driving Mr Murphy.  The front marker Midnight Star started off Cone 1 which was on the bend at the Bonnetts sign and was still in front at the end of the back straight with Mr Murphy closing in on him.  Spirit who had started off the same cone as Mr Murphy was giving Mr Murphy 10 metres down the back before coming home hard to finish a length away for 2nd placing.  Midnight Star and Oungachucka got tired in the straight with the backmarkers taking over.




1st – Midnight Star – Sharni Newman

2nd – Oungachucka – Chantelle Rendall

3rd – Little Paleface – Emma Johnson

4th – Wandarra Tess – Matthew Basto

5th – Spirit – Shannon Platts

6th – Mr Murphy – Corey Johnson


At the start of Heat 3, Oungachucka & Midnight Star 

During the two meetings that Midnight Star has been at the Royal Adelaide Show he has finished no closer than 5th placing so it was decided to give him a little lift.  Midnight Star made the most of this and said catch me if you can and went on to win easily ahead of Oungachucka with a long gap back to the fast finishing Little Paleface who was a huge effort coming off of the back mark.





1st – Wandarra Tess – Matthew Basto

2nd – Oungachucka – Chantelle Rendall

3rd – Midnight Star – Sharni Newman

4th – Little Paleface – Emma Johnson

5th – Mr Murphy – Corey Johnson

6th – Spirit – Shannon Platts


Wandarra Tess and Matthew Basto winning Heat 3 

Trying to get all ponies to finish together at the end of the race, some more re-handicapping was done.  Midnight Star was moved back to the Bonnetts sign along with Oungachucka.  Oungachucka began fast and took control of the lead heading out of the back straight with Midnight Star sitting on his back and another 20 m back to Wandarra Tess who was making ground.  They all crossed the line not too far apart with a very nice drive by Matthew Basto on Wandarra Tess winning after he kicked clear in the straight, a photo finish to separate Oungachucka and Midnight Star with Little Paleface a half length away.