Royal Adelaide Show 2009

8 September 2009




1st – Crackerjack – Jacob Starick (Cone 2)

2nd – Magpie Mary – Jodie Billinger (Cone 2)

3rd – PJ – Bryce Gilbert (Cone 1)

4th – Spirit – Shannon Platts (Cone 3)

5th – Little Kizz – Christie Gilbert (Cone 3)

6th – Westbury Bogart – Jacinta Gilbert (Cone 3)


On the 5th night of the show we had three families bring their ponies to the Royal Adelaide Show.  The three Gilbert ponies arrived all nicely clipped with their own embroidered named rugs on, they looked so cute.


In Heat 1, PJ who started at the track entrance was giving the field a huge start but so he should considering he has such tiny little legs.  Magpie Mary and Crackerjack continued to stick together in the run with Magpie Mary trying to shake Crackerjack off and then a large gap back to the three backmarkers.  With a photo finish looming in the straight Crackerjack beat Magpie Mary for 1st in the last stride with little PJ only 10 metres away in 3rd placing.





1st – PJ – Bryce Gilbert (Cone 1)

2nd – Spirit – Shannon Platts (Cone 2)

3rd – Crackerjack – Jacob Starick (Cone 3)

4th – Little Kizz – Christie Gilbert (Cone 2)

5rd – Magpie Mary – Jodie Billinger (Cone 3)

6th – Westbury Bogart – Jacinta Gilbert (Cone 2)


Spirit leading the way down the back straight

A little re-arranging of the marks, the three backmarkers from the previous race were brought forward.  PJ started off the same mark again but this time was in a hurry to get to the finish line and went on and won.  Little Kizz was quick away from the start ahead of Westbury Bogart and Spirit but by the end of the back straight when they were all racing close Spirit had moved into 2nd placing.  Spirit went on and finished second ahead of Crackerjack with not much separating 2nd to 5th placing with Westbury Bogart getting a little tired.


Sandra Hutchinson presenting 1st Ribbon to Bryce Gilbert



1st – Westbury Bogart – Jacinta Gilbert (Cone2)

2nd – Little Kizz – Christie Gilbert (Cone 3)

3rd – Magpie Mary – Jodie Billinger (Cone 4)

4th – Crackerjack – Jacob Starick (Cone 4)

5th – Spirit – Shannon Platts (Cone 4)

6th – PJ – Bryce Gilbert (Cone 1)


Westbury Bogart with Jacinta Gilbert

Westbury Bogart was moved onto Cone 2 in Heat 3 and set out after the start to chase down PJ.  Turning for home 10 metres was separating the entire field with Westbury Bogart going to the lead and another close finish looming it was a battle of sisters Jacinta and Christie.  Westbury Bogart driven by Jacinta Gilbert was able to hold on to win ahead of Little Kizz driven by Christie Gilbert who came down the outside and Magpie Mary driven by Jodie Billinger 10 metres away in third placing.