Royal Adelaide Show
Friday - 4 September 2009

It was a pleasure to be invited back to the Royal Adelaide Show for 2009 and see the young drivers show their talent in the sulky.  The crowd wasn't as large as it can be due to the Crows playing tonight and unfortunately, the 'dog show' which were on show in the arena before the ponies crept into our time by 15 mins leaving the ponies only 15 mins to perform 2 pony races.  This was unfair for our young drivers as they didn't get a chance to take in the atmosphere and walk the ponies around between the races, it was all a bit rushed.

Waiting to go on to the Track



1st – Mr Mischief – Matthew Williams

2nd – Wandarra Tess – Samantha Pascoe

3rd – Monkey Business – Chantelle Dodd

4th – Mr Murphy – Emma Johnson

5th – Whataday – Jessica Pascoe

6th – Midnight Star – Sharni Newman


Mr Mischief and Matthew in stall area after race 

Midnight Star and Whataday both started off Cone 1 but were overtaken very early in the race by the quick beginner Wandarra Tess who started on Cone 2 with Mr Murphy.  Mr Mischief who won the race and Monkey Business were both off Cone 3.  In this race there was quite a bit of galloping by the ponies and there was dodging and weaving by the drivers but all finished the race not too far apart.  It had been arranged for two of our young drivers, one boy and one girl to be interviewed on the track between races but didn't happen tonight due to a lack of time but fingers crossed for the next 8 days. 




1st – Wandarra Tess – Samantha Pascoe

2nd - Mr Mischief – Matthew Williams

3rd – Monkey Business – Chantelle Dodd

4th – Mr Murphy –Corey Johnson

5th – Whataday – Jessica Pascoe

6th – Midnight Star – Sharni Newman


Monkey Business with Chantelle in stall area after race

Cones 2 and 3 were both put back 20m respectively and there was a driver change on Mr Murphy from Emma Johnson to her little brother Corey.  Once again Wandarra Tess jumped out very fast and was in the lead by the end of the straight and then went on to win ahead of the well-behaved Mr Mischief, the rest of the field were spread out over about 100 metres this probably contributed to no break between races and a few of the ponies being a bit tired.  Surprisingly with the exception of the first two placegetters who switched placings the rest of the ponies finished in the same order as Heat 1.

Midnight Star with Sharni in the stall area after the races