A Special Pony

We all want our children to be safe and sometimes it is hard to find that perfect pony.  There have been many ponies over the years for children to learn to drive on, some better than others.  One of them which is still racing today is Till We Meet Again previously known as Timmy Allsorts.

Timmy was purchased as a yearling from the Gepps Cross horse sales by Peter and Lee-Ann Lobb for their daughter Katie.  He has been a wonderful quiet pony over the years that started racing in the 1991/92 Season for Katie.  Now 18 years on his list of drivers are Katie Lobb, Andrew Lobb, Michael Smith, Tylarna Eitzen, Jodie Billinger, Jake Webster, Brodie Webster and I am sure there are others.

Timmy is a chestnut Shetland with the traditional thick mane and tail.  When Andrew Lobb was young he took him to pony shows on the weekends and won many prizes, however, Andrew thinks this was only due to cuteness and pity.

A lot of his time has been spent grazing and getting fat in paddocks, but the fencing had to be low or he would go straight under.  As the saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side.  Some of his time was spent with the Atkins family, former racecourse photographer.

These days he is renamed Nugget (Till We Meet Again) and lives with the Webster family who have had him since the 2005/06 season although he remains owned by the Lobb family.  While in the care of the Webster family he has competed in two Interdominion Championships.  Firstly, in the 2006/07 Adelaide Interdominion he finished 2nd  in the Consolation to Little Miss Muffet and last season he competed in Queensland.

Brodie Webster races him in the Shetland Class and between race nights he loves spending time in the paddock playing with Chilli Knights.  When he is around people and being exercised he is a lot more livelier, energetic and happier.

This is one special pony.

Written 10 November 2009

Till We Meet Again and Brodie Webster at this years Royal Adelaide Show

Andrew Lobb on Timmy (Till We Meet Again) in his younger days at a Show