Name:   Brodie Webster

Date of Birth:  7 October 1994

Family:   Ron (dad), Liz (mum), Jake (brother), Chelsea (sister)

Are your parents involved in Harness Racing?  Yes

What are your racing colours?  Black, Silver Stars (Geoff Websters)

How long have you been driving ponies?  4 seasons (incl this year)

What is your pony(s) name(s)?  Chilli Knights and Till We Meet Again

Do you work your pony most days?  Second day

First Pony:  Till We Meet Again

First Pony Winner:  Till We Meet Again

Favourite Racing Horse:  Mister Swinger

Favourite Racing Driver:  David Harding

Most Admired Person:  Dick Webster and the old man

Most Thrilling Moment:  First winner

What sports do you play?  Footy, Gaelic Footy, Waterpolo

Favourite Drink:  Depends whether the schooner is free

Favourite Food:  Chinese and Steak

Favourite TV Show:  NCIS, Criminal Minds, Simpsons

Favourite Music:  Anything, some of the older stuff is alright

Favourite Pastime:  Football, going to the trots when dad raced

Likes:  Cars, anything with a motor and goes fast, super carts, V8 supercars and horses

Dislikes:  Not sure

Ambition:  To live a good life