1ST MAY 2011


Today was our end of season presentation day which was held at Globe Derby Park in the Jubilee Room. It was a sad day for the Billinger Family after the tragic loss of the eldest daughter (Kelly), yet the entire family showed courage by still attending the presentation.


We also had John Lewis the CEO of the South Australian Harness Racing Club attend our presentation and handed out the awards to all the kids.



The following rewards were handed out:


The Prizes for pony of the Year were as follows:

1st Placing – Trophy and Inscribed Rug

2nd Placing – Trophy and Halter & Lead Rope in appropriate colours

3rd Placing – Trophy and Saddle Pad in appropriate colours.

4th Placing onwards – Trophy



Pony Of The Year – Slow Shetland Class

1st – Ben Ten

2nd – Pee Wee 50

3rd – Swamp Fire

4th – PJ

5th – Razzle Dazzle

6th – Eddy’s A Fake

7th – Two Tone Miss


Pony Of The Year – Shetland Class

1st – Crackerjack

2nd – Wandarra Tess

3rd – Midnight Star

4th – It’s All About Me

5th – Chickabarquar

6th – Let’s Tango

7th – Our Sir Patchalot

8th – Harley Davidson


Pony Of The Year – Slow Class

1st – Little Kizz

2nd – Born To Be Wild

3rd – Summer Surprise

4th – Chilli Knights

5th – Westbury Bogart

6th – Cowboy Road

7th – Aadelaidee Lady

8th – Ooh La Laar

9th – Mr. Murphy

10th – Magpie Mary


Pony Of The Year – Medium/Fast Class

1st – Mr. Mischief

2nd – Way To Go

3rd – Lapanacaton

4th – Petti Cheval

5th – Reggie Ledgie

6th – Aussie

7th – Wynkie Sweet Fairytales

8th – Little Paleface


Bookmarks and McDonalds Vouches were given to all participating drivers

Basto, Lauren

Basto, Matthew

Billinger, Jodie

Brewin, Jayden (1st Season Driver)

Brown, Nicholas

Carey, Kaycee

Gilbert, Bryce

Gilbert, Christie

Gilbert, Jacinta

Hoare, Bailey (1st Season Driver)

Jacques, Cameron

Johnson, Corey

Johnson, Emma

Kittel, Jason

Lehmann, Jennifer

Lehmann, Kathryn

Moritz, Cheyenne (1st Season Driver)

Newman, Sharni

Ogilvy, Shaniah (1st Season Driver)

Platts, Shannon

Ramsay, Lachlan (1st Season Driver)

Rendall, Chantelle

Smith, Madison


100% GDP Pony Attendance: Ben Ten, Born To Be Wild, Crackerjack, Lapanacaton, Little Kizz, Mr. Mischief, Pee Wee 50, Petti Cheval, PJ, Razzle Dazzle, Reggie Ledgie, Summer Surprise, Swamp Fire, Wandarra Tess, Way To Go & Wynkie Sweet Fairytales.



100% GDP Driver Attendance: Nicholas Brown, Kaycee Carey, Bryce Gilbert, Christie Gilbert, Jacinta Gilbert, Bailey Hoare, Cameron Jacques, Jason Kittel, Kathryn Lehmann, Shannon Platts & Chantelle Rendall.


100% Overall Driver Attendance: Chantelle Rendall


Country Pony Cup: Eddy’s A Fake


Encouragement Photo: Aadelaidee Lady


Danni Hill 1st Year Encouragement Award: Shaniah Ogilvy


Viv Heath Encouragement Awards: Bailey Hoare & Lachlan Ramsay


Greg Cooper Service Award: Jayden Brewin


Black Eyed Susan Memorial 1st Year Driver: Cheyenne Moritz


Sandra Hutchinson Best Presented Combination: The Gilbert Kids (Bryce, Christie & Jacinta)


Wenham Family Award: Brett Lowe


Golden Hands Award: Jacinta Gilbert


Retiring Drivers: Jodie Billinger & Kathryn Lehmann


Ashtek Engineering Award: Jodie Billinger




Recognition Awards:


Helper: Jodie Billinger, Steve Branson, Jayden Brewin, Brett Lowe, Sharni Newman, Shannon Platts, Chantelle Rendall & Courtnee Wise.


Race Callers: Don Wenham, Rehn Nagel & Lachlan Stace.


Stewards: Sandra Hutchinson & Keith Preston.




Overview of the two retiring drivers:


Jodie Billinger

Jodie has been driving ponies for 9 seasons since she was 7 years old with her first winner being on Magpie Mary on 21 December 2002 for Jeff and Marilyn Potter. 

This season Jodie has driven three ponies on a regular basis Cowboy Road, Eddy’s A Fake and Our Sir Patchalot all for children who are not yet old enough to drive themselves.  Jodie enjoys going to the trots and catching up with people she has become friends with and seeing smiling faces and enjoys watching the races both at the track and on SKY Channel. 

Jodie helps out at the stables and races several times a week harnessing, working and washing the horses and cleaning stables. She would love to one day own/train and drive her own Blacks A Fake and is trying to convince her parents she should train Come On Frank as her first horse.



Kathryn Lehmann

Kathryn has been driving ponies for four seasons with her first pony being Bring It On, last season she drove two ponies Petti Cheval and Way To Go who won the Pony of the Year after winning both the Gawler and Kapunda Cups, however, this season she only raced one pony Way To Go and won four races with her and finished 2nd in the Pony of the Year.

Kathryn has been helping out Claire Goble for the past 12 months while completing Certificate II in Racing - Stablehand and also helps her dad out at home and at the trots.  She would love to train horses in the future and become a vet.


Would like to wish both retiring drivers all the best for their future in harness racing.




“Once again we would like to thank all Sponsors for their kind generosity to the South Australian Harness Racing Pony Association; your sponsorship has contributed to the young drivers today receiving special trophies and prizes”.



Retiring Drivers - Jodie Billinger and Kathryn Lehmann with CEO John Lewis

Danni Hill 1st Year Encouragement Award 

Viv Heath Encouragement Awards 

Greg Cooper Service Award

Black Eyed Susan Memorial 1st Year Driver